European Summer! 2005

priest bait: an eagle cried the day yall left

In this half (pictured & unpictured):
London, England
Paris, France & Epinay Sur Seine
Rouen, France
Calafell, Spain
Sitges, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
Milano, Italy
Carpi, Italy
Modena, Italy
Pésaro, Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy …..

Andrea and Carley on our first morning in London.


London Terror.

Lille, France & inspirational parenting.


Hotel des Invalides as Carley upside down.

As seen before…



It is too late, but how difficult is it to bring animals from one country to another? How about across an ocean?

Rouen, France (Monet).

Louise’s apartment! I have an amazing video from this night, too…


Goodbye Normandie.

This is what Oons’ face does when she has no idea you’re taking a picture :)

Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina….
At Taina and Jalal’s apartment in Calafell, Spain.

Sitges, Spain.

Dali museum in BCN

“Barthelona”, Spain.
Salvador Dalí Museum & Temple de la Sagrada Familia.

In the jungle, in the Ciutadella park.

Pedestrians are the new bicyclists.

Milano, Italy.

Picnic at Sforza Castle

Sforza Castle

Some gutter punks in Milan sippin’ red wine (and one has on a polite wristwatch)

“She’s Italy”

Christian Boltanski exhibition

Christian Boltanski exhibition

It’s cooler in the shade?

Rottura del Silenzio in Carpi, Italy.

Alberto in the middle of nowhere.

Nedelle. In Pésaro, Italy (& apparently the only place on the Adriatic Sea where you can see the sun set).

McCloud Zicmuse as Le Ton Mité.

The guy had no clue that the train curtain was WRAPPED AROUND HIS FACE! (He was snoring btw, in case anyone is worried we’re jerks)


Viola & Carley realized they have the same passion for recorders.

Critical Mass in Milano.

Corniglia, Italy: the most beautiful place in the world.

in Cinque Terre, still on Corniglia.

Terracing in every slope.

In Monterosso – Americanized beyond recognition.

I’ll update with the second month sometime later this week. I know these are a lot of pictures, but I’m not even showing you a fraction of them. Tried to discriminate a bit…

I will have to give myself some more time to process the trip I just returned from. If anyone wants to talk to me about anything, I am not hard to find! I would much rather talk about this trip back and forth with someone that has something to contribute or is eager to hear about what I have been able to enjoy – the internet bums me out, but I posted these only in the hopes of inspiring others to go outside.


11 thoughts on “European Summer! 2005

  1. hey. i cant really express how cool that is that the three of you made the trip. the pictures look great. i look forward to the second half and to hearing all about it.

  2. i like your life.

    we should all get together sometime.
    do something.
    even a knitting party. i know andrea would be game. (even though i don’t know how)

    you should have a slide picture party show thing.

    it would be fun.

  3. i am so siked that yall actually went to europe and did all of this shit. and that in all of these pictures, you all look like you are having as incredible of a time as i hoped yall would be. yall look amazing in all of these images, and i am so glad that italian me got to be a part of at least one picture. luv dj

  4. I am really grateful that you kept up in touch with us the whole time, just the same way you do when we are home and still 12 hours from each other. You rule at friendship.
    Italian you ruled, too.

  5. I’m disappointed that you and Carley aren’t living together but I will hopefully see more of you in Asheville this year than I have seen of you in Charlotte. I look forward to seeing you.

  6. hey you! this is chelsea (liz’s friend) i love your pictures and i really really love boltanski. i was hoping to see an exhibit of his while i was there but they only had a very small feature at the musee d’orsay when i was there. lucky girrrl

  7. Yeah, the Boltanski exhibit (we saw it at the PAC – Padiglione D’arte
    Contemporanea in Milano) was pretty impressive; I am sorry you didn’t
    see more. I would say you are the lucky one because the Musee
    d’Orsay is full of pieces and exhibits I would have really enjoyed

  8. Rouen

    Hey !

    It’s Louise, from rouen. I just have a look on your page and your trip seems to have been great ! anyway, it was good to have u at home and you’re most than welcome if u come back in Normandy !

    love. Louise.

    P.S : don’t regret anything, i’m sure u’ll find many other cuty cats ! ;)

  9. Re: Rouen

    I don’t know if you will get this, Louise!
    I thought I had responded to this – I was with Carley and Andrea when I got this message. We miss you & your friends – thank you so much for taking us in. Also, I did find a really cuty cat, but I miss yours!

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