I have lived quite a bit from nineteen to twenty, and the concept of “a year” pales in comparison to the amount of growth, pleasure and experience that I’ve squeezed into this year. The major changes are: I have a new kitten!; I feel really great about my job and the Institute; I live with two great guys and next door to three other terrific people; after a few months of uncertainty, I am single and trying to make sure I enjoy and prolong singledom. I’m also finally ready to declare my major (consequently a double – English: Language, Writing and Rhetoric and Political Science: International Politics); I feel like my world view is in a state of change and improvement; I’ve finally found a way to make my body run; I make too many lists. That’s not new, though. Love a list.

Here are some pictures, because that’s all you are looking for! New kitten: Harlem.

Trapped in the _____ (a. house b. closet c. shower d. rest of the house and not the bathroom where I am showering).

They love a box!

She can join my every meal and lick my face if that’s what she wants!

I don’t know a thing about bikes, but I think this one’s pretty great.

This one made me a bowl of cinnamon applesauce last night. One of the excellent roommates.


12 thoughts on “KITTEN

  1. Ah I meant your prospects for a good, future life. you like your job, you know what you want to study and you seem to be happy! School is going well. I really love my classes though they are a lot of work. come to chapel hill and liz will make us some good vegan bacon she bought. well, ok, I thought it was good

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