Philly, dinner parties, birthdays and a kitten (October 2005)

Even more felines.

These are the things I need to take out of the equation: an audience, a meaningful brown room, banality. All I’ll say about that. On the plus side, there’s a lot to be excited about! I’ll see my Grandma this weekend for the first time since Christmas. Asheville next weekend! Ryan! Carley! Chan Marshall (aka Cat Power)! Make Me! Fall! Maybe Marshall (No.2) & D.Wolf!

And yet more felines…told you! Sorry!

Some legs & ice cream cake.

Davey’s older! And in Raleigh??

I went to Philadelphia last month for a family reunion – my dad’s cousins and their families (many, many people I’d never met before… either terrifically Irish-American or recently from Ireland).

Lavender, Russian Sage, and some resplendent solar panels.

Her kitchen perch with Mr. N.


15 thoughts on “Philly, dinner parties, birthdays and a kitten (October 2005)

  1. What do you only have one year left of?
    I think you and Chelsea were briefly in one of many dreams last night – I couldn’t tell you what happened. I think it was at the Biltmore Estate since I have been thinking about that lately?
    Also, my roommate was playing Convocation of… the other night during dinner & it made me think of you.

  2. It isn’t wrong; replace LJ with MYSPC & you’re a genius. I am doing well! I am still ever-confused about the living situation… does it mean you and Asher are moving to Chicago? Everyone is? No one left? Why?

  3. three people that i know are demanding that i make a myspace, i dont know my opinions on that yet. yes, me and ashmore are moving to chicago, me at the beginning of dec. and him at the end. i love it there, i hate it here and i get to live in a fancy loft downtown with two of my best buds for cheap and have hannah strunk as a best friend. so thats why im going. asher is going to freeze his ass off as a bike messenger and live with hannah. YOU SHOULD MOVE TOO! THE ANARCHISTS ARE AWESOME THERE, or so i hear. we would totally find you a place to live! hannah would love it! i would love it! asher would love it! you would love it! think communal house with the strunks and dance parties every second of the day. EVERYONES HAPPY!

  4. I am actually from Chicago (my first 13 years) and do want to move back… I am putting it out of my mind until I’m done with school, but I would very much like to live there again. I don’t know if you know Rita (from Greensboro) but she recently moved to Chicago and totally rips – you would get along, definitely. Man, I miss the Strunks so much.
    Also, I was a strong opponent to Myspace for a long while, but then I realized that it is only as important as you make it – so I can keep in touch with trans-atlantic folx or be available in some sort of way for people to contact me. I need to get Rita’s contact information and share it with you & Hannah.

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