Halloween and Brunswick, GA (November 2005)

I was “tagged”! Here are my 10 little-known facts:

1. My great-grandparents on my mom’s side are: Hulda, August, Orrin, and Eva. (Hulda from Sweden, August from Finland, Eva from Germany, Orrin from Michigan). My grandmother recently sent me a wonderful memory of them.
2. I am just a little bit obsessed with Wikipedia.
3. My summer’s wishlist is in flux. At least in my wild dreams, I will either:

  • Be a camp counselor
  • Go with B.Shaw to Ireland (all of June) for an Irish Renaissance Literature course (I need you, Daniel, to tell me about this)
  • Go WWOOFing (1st in West Virginia with my Aunt, then the West Coast)
  • Hike as much of the Appalachian trail as I can possibly manage
  • Travel around South America (I’m thinking Quito through Peru, Chile, and maybe Argentina)
  • Or travel alone in Northern Europe (Brussels to Köln to Hamburg to Cöpenhagen to Stockholm to Oslo to Bergen to the Shetland Islands to Éire).

I decide on something different every week.

4. I really badly want a mentor. I am waiting patiently for this person to manifest or breeze into my life. Ideally this would take the form of an older, wiser, warm and very cultured mentor. (A perfect English professor.)
5. My favorite place in the world is still Bois Blanc Island, Michigan.
6. I am often very presumptuous. Sorry.
7. I am friends with every person I have ever dated (Okay terms, at least.)
8. One of my most discouraging shortcomings is the Spanish language. I am doing this rather than my Spanish take-home test.
9. I have dual citizenship. I plan to take advantage in the future.
10. The cover of my journal is Albrecht Dürer. I am almost incapable of writing in it. Dante is the closest living thing to my journal. Actually, Liz.

I am not going to tag anyone. You should tell me facts about yourself, though!

Dante as Dr. Doom

705’s Pumpkin Carving Party – the kitten came!

For Halloween I was: Peruvian? Slavic? Swiss? East African? I need to stop waiting until the day of the party to figure out what I will be.

Final Fantasy 7 wins the costume contest at Legend’s.

Elena, Hussam, Kirby and I went to Brunswick, GA for the weekend to support Elaine Brown’s mayoral candidacy. Trip on this: the former leader – the only ever woman leader – of the Black Panther Party bought me lunch. Also, dinner in Savannah (on the river front) on the way home: this was exactly the prodding I needed to snap out of my fog.

Look at em eeears.


9 thoughts on “Halloween and Brunswick, GA (November 2005)

  1. your eyes are gorgeous!
    i have a friend by the name of orrin! whom i so rudely semi-introduced you to at the minus the bear show. i was out of it that night.
    maybe i’ll see you in europe this summer. if i make good grades, my parents may possibly let me go.

  2. your dress is breathtaking!

    your eyes aren’t too close together, they’re just so pronounced that that’s the focal point of your face. you’re just looking too hard!

  3. I have decided that I really like your profile. No, not your LJ profile or anything having to do with the internet – I’m talking about the curvy, subtle way that your nose and chin jut out.

    Cailin I think we should brave the cold (yeah, right) over winter break and go camping.

  4. Okay, if there was both an Orrin and a Torin (Torrin?) at the Criteria show (;)), that would be wild! Man, I hope I can be somewhere distant this summer…. I am currently dreaming the hardest about South America. I am terrible at introducing people. I remember you introducing me well.

  5. Girl, take out a loan!
    I don’t have very much money either – I am just working and saving up. It doesn’t really take too terribly much, at least the way I travel. And you have lots of time for saving!

  6. My profile is Scandanavian, I think. It is my Grandma’s. I have big ears in that picture, or, I have big ears.
    Damn, I want to go camping. I really want to go hiking! Take me hiking!

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