Spring 2006

Before realizing the full force of drunken David: 40oz track stands.

Andrea’s torso has good balance without its limbs.


Ice Pangaea breaking up in the Detroit River.

An oversized mouse in my bedclothes.

My favorite house to pass by on Daisy.

Dante and Harlem reading Trotsky together. Follow her gaze. She is absorbed in the text.

At Yolanda’s birthday, one of the only non-blurry pictures.

New Years getting started!

“aj”; “dj”.

Two very likeable women.

Me, not being naked (you can see tiny sparkles in my hair, that is the halter of a dress), gently choking Harlem without realizing.
My “New Years Dress” that I really only wear around the house.

I realize that the whole kitten thing is long overdone, but the journal is still mine.

Blobby Brown.

Kittens do, truly, love balls of yarn.

Semester No.4 has begun. My schedule:
ENG 326 History of the English Language
ENG 210 Intro. Language & Linguistics
ST 311 Intro. Statistics (UGH)
(Sit in when possible: HI 439 History of the Soviet Union and After with Dr. Surh :))
FLS 309 Spanish Phonetics and Advanced Conversation
HI 233 History of the 20th Century.
PE 257 Backpacking, only Tuesdays
I am really, really looking forward to this semester.


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