heat waves, jungle humidity, swamp fumes

This Is Andrea’s Birthday Again:

A Modern, Closed hole (“Plateau”) model flute. (maybe).

The morning after Hans’ official welcome home party (“Well wow, that sure doesn’t look like a” – “Fuck You David”)

Maybe the last day of school and the first post-kickball fire.

I left Dave with my camera and this is the only of about twenty pictures that isn’t a closeup of the fire (and clearly it wasn’t his doing)

Renee, I miss Carrie already, K.P.

“She’s taking another picture of us.”

The pictures I have shared of this secret alcove are sort of a SPOILER.

I want to see the Ring 2.

I introduced Harlem to the chickens (she was terrified of them) and the next day she was imitating their whimpers. Even if Nova is really much sweeter, I still love my patient, indifferent cat.

The “vegan” tarts that Jordan and I made. That Jordan made.

The Good(bye) Luck Jordan party D:

PARENTS ARE OUT OF TOWN! LET’S HAVE A POOL PARTY/COOKOUT/TRAMPOLINE AFFAIR! And then we will play chess and wake up bruised and do it all over again.

Dave’s birthday party: soccer games, slip-n-slide, barbeque, extended family, friends, impromptu block party.

Harlem brings beautiful, tiny animals to me – it may be sad to some, but I get to see animals that I never knew existed up close. I can marvel over tiny possums that look like Mickey Mouse and miniature moles. Possums are generally about the length of my forearm but this tiny (terrified) one was smaller than my hand.

The feet!!

I have so many reasons to be elated right now:
– I have a job again (with undeniable perks)
– Kickball is tomorrow night already (and you should show up!)
– I have a small window of time to visit Brian at the OBX (Manteo; Roanoke Island!). Wednesday thru Saturday this week (and stay in a B&B not as a customer but as a guest).
– Tord will be here in less than a week! (And be here all summer long)
– Busch Gardens splurge!
– I get to hang out with DJ like errday and he hasn’t run away (or been carried away) to Ohio yet!
– No matter how many times I fall, tumble or stumble into solid objects I am unmarked and sprightly. I am invincible.
– I love my roommie so much.
– I have a plane ticket, an acceptance letter, and accommodations for next year abroad. Very little to stress about.
– I have a layover in Chicago and another in Glasgow (hello Camera Obscura). Then I will fly over the entirety of Ireland to Cork.
– I get a lion’s share of exercise everyday and it is usually social (like last night’s hours upon hours of trampoline games – 9 people playing popcorn simultaneously on a trampoline with an 8 to 10 foot circumference, and pool games: whirlpools, marco polo, general splashing wars, chicken fighting….).
– ACRe Sundays: Church “replacer” is pretty sweet.
– Jay is moving in! Dante and I are going to sneak into his room while he’s at work sometime this week and move all of his stuff over to our house.
– Soccer and cooking lessons and Return to Oz with Jordan!
– Laurie is home!
– Visits to Carley are definitely pending.
– School was so, so good last semester – I adore my professors (and will continuously have friendship with them – especially the one who has so unfortunately taken a job in Indiana. He told me that I will write, without question. He will pick up the Atlantic Monthly or the New Yorker and find my writing – he is more convincing than any other might be).
– My spanish is going to improve so much this summer.
– I have so much available time to spend at Eno State Park, Umstead, Lake Jordan, Lake Johnson, Silver Lake, the Arboretum, the bike paths, and on and on and on.
– So many more things. This is my own reference list of joyous, celebratory things to hold onto.


7 thoughts on “heat waves, jungle humidity, swamp fumes

  1. You have it down.
    Also, I got your call when you left a message asking how Tragedy was but I listened to it at like 8 am when I woke up to my phone beeping, listened to it, smiled, and fell back asleep for some more hours – I completely forgot to call you back even though I was really happy to get that call! I appologize! I hope your summer is going wonderfully & I’m sure I will see you soon in Charlotte or Asheville (or you could visit Raleigh!).

  2. Is this the one you are talking about?

    june 25th. 8pm. $5.

    Fighting Dogs (ex-rambo and current 1905. fast d-beat hardcore with metal riffs. tighttttt. http://www.myspace.com/fightingdogs)

    Black Dove (fast heavy hardcore (think hhig but fast?). http://www.myspace.com/blkdove )

    Giant (ambient hardcore from greensboro ala ISIS and Cult of Luna. http://www.myspace.com/giantnc)

    @1304 flint pl raleigh nc

    I think there may be more coming up (and some “zine readings” or something) but I can’t find details about any other show.

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