naturaleza (summer 2006)

From my week in Manteo: early June.

I have no idea what this thistle plant is.

Gosling are so mean!

Dribble Castles part II.

Many waves came up to shave off our progress and smooth over the beautiful, undulating exterior.

Then we went to the Aquarium:

This picture reminds me of a favorite quote:

“On a picturesque boulder, a little mountain ash and a still smaller aspen had climbed, holding hands, like two clumsy, shy children.” – Ada or Ardor

Speaking of opthalmologists! I had my pupils dilated for the first time ever a month ago & how wild are those Atropine eye droplets! I just discovered that this drug is extracted from a plant called “deadly nightshade” & is potentially deadly.

Adaptation was so good.

The Fourth of July:

Oh beautiful, blue tarp. Doug’s 60″ slip’n slide.

We have gone through 4 kickballs over the course of the summer. Because of “Orphan Ball”, I cannot throw the forsaken ones away.

Camera Obscura!

Jordan Elaine came home for 4 days & this is our radiant little grasshopper.

Umstead Park

Get that herpetologist in here & tell me what the hell this is.

Brian came to visit me because he knew I needed someone to hike with me.

GAH spiders.


Maybe absurdly dangerous?

This is a wonderful picture, Carley. Thank you.

Liz picking up a small object.

Check me out in that wave!

This is why I love summer. My summer didn’t have enough of this, though.

Chapel Hill Folk.

Last night, before the Very Last Kickball and Potluck (& it was #10, I can’t believe how consistent we were with this). Thank you for coming if you did last night or ever have been!
So much has been going on in my life & I, once again, have too much on my plate to catch up or keep up. I will attempt a real update later. Soon. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “naturaleza (summer 2006)

  1. I am about to give my cousin your cell phone # because she’s starting at American this fall & I think you would definitely get along. I told you about her before. & Shit Ryan! I didn’t say goodbye to you :(. There has probably been about a year of time between our encounters at some point, though. Hard to say. Hope you’re enjoying DC & the kitchen-less apartment!

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