My home Raleigh.

My brother, amazingly, just got his pilot’s licence and yesterday he took me up in a tiny little plane to float over Raleigh as his first passenger!  We were less than mile above the city so I could just open up my window and stick my face in the sky like a puppy. It was a good way to reminisce, say goodbye to my home for what will be a year. That’s it! It’s time to move to Ireland.

The last three weeks have been one long goodbye and if I didn’t get to see you and tell you goodbye it’s only because I dread & avoid them. Now it’s the final countdown: moving out, two weeks of the Upper Penninsula in Michigan & Ann Arbor, Carowinds and three days of Raleigh.

These were my last days in Raleigh. This weekend will be Asheville. I leave a week from tomorrow.
Goodbye Chris, goodbye Tord, goodbye Matt, goodbye Will, goodbye Jordan, goodbye Cailin.

Pictured: Method Rd.; Beryl Rd.; Neomonde; kickball; Ligon Rd.; the soccer fields; Method Park (There was a tennis court?); “Sweet” Paper Company (huge!); Method Station Post Office; the woods behind my house; part of 440….

My Method House

Again, another nauseous angle of our neighborhood. We were so close to 440, and foxes live inside the beltline. My house is just right & down of center (tan).

The Rose Garden.

Campus looking from the South looking towards the North.
L Tucker/Owen L; Lee/Sullivan; Bragaw; Cates; Dan Allen; Hillsborough; WolfMart; D.H.Hill; Harrelson; Parking deck; Fountain dining hall; Cameron Village; etc.

And then from the North-West towards the South-East.
Court of the Carolina’s; Poe; Syme; Design School; Thompson-Winston-Caldwell; the Bell Tower…

Hillsborough; Park/Ashe; IHOP/Jackpot; Western; Central YMCA; Pullen Park…

Some astounding rock quarry off of Duraleigh that I have never been to. I think I should go look for it now.

Raleigh from South of the city looking North.


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