Four daysish.


It’s remarkable that I’ve only been in Cork for four days – it feels like weeks. My first few nights here I shared an apartment with Padraigh from Limerick, Andy from Adare (Limerick), Kate from Massachusetts, and Colette from Alberta (a small town equidistant from Calgary and Edmonton). Immediately, Andy and I got along beautifully, but this morning he moved out to go back to UL & I moved into an empty apartment. In September, these ones will arrive: two Spanish men, one German girl and one American “guy” (Edit: he is from Toronto & was born in Argentina). I’m pretty anxious to have them move in to cauterize my Spanish & spearhead my Deutsch. Fall classes still won’t start for a month, so I’m taking an Irish Literatures programme with a lot of US students, which is okay. There are people from: upstate New York, Minnesota, Florida, Oregon, Massachusetts, Virginia, Indiana, California, Maine, South Carolina, NYU, Maryland, Rhode Island, Michigan, and I can’t even remember. These are only the ones I’ve met. On Wednesday morning we leave for four days in Inis Meáin (Inishmaan), the second largest of the three Aran Islands. Only 187 people live on Inishmaan & it’s the least tourist-oriented of the three. I told Andy the first night that I was going to take a bus to Killarney in a day to go hiking & he said, “Brilliant, I will join you.” So we were up on Saturday at 7, caught an hour & a half bus and ended up hiking more than 13 miles around Muckross Lake, up to Torc waterfall & up a mountain on a path of wire-covered, wooden blocks. We hitchhiked back into town for dinner in a pub full of Kerry fans (in their silken football jerseys). Speaking of which, Mayo beat Dublin in the all-Ireland semi finals last night – Gaelic football is actually really exciting. I’ve been setting aside all grievances. The children are all so beautiful. I am going to figure out a way to babysit them by working with hotels or bed and breakfasts or better yet, the faculty at UCC. I’m also looking for a good farm to spend my time with. I can’t wait to meet the professors in the Linguistics department once they’re back on campus. I admit, I’ve even lost a bit of sleep over it.

Look! He’s beat me to a picnic. I miss Andy too much already. I’m not quite sure what to do now that he’s not around to answer my millions of questions or take me out for fish & chips and a pint or argue with me (& though we are both untastefully argumentative, we agree on almost everything – Padraigh didn’t think it possible).

& again he’s beat me to the top of the mountain.

This is my favorite one of all.
Everything reminds me of Return to Oz & Swiss Family Robinson.

Torc Waterfall.

a Celtic cross, sort of in the middle of nowhere.

St. Finn Barre’s cathedral & the River Lee at night.

My University seriously rips!

Some points of Interest in Cork city. There is way too much to do.

University College Cork: Aula Maxima & the Main Quadrangle.

Finally, here is my favorite player for Liverpool’s football* team. He’s 6’7″ and his name is CROUCH; he’s known to most English football fans as “Crouchy”.


I N D I A N A!

I need some addresses from you & you.


9 thoughts on “Four daysish.

  1. Those photos are breathtaking. I’m so happy for you, that you are able to experience all of that in already four days!

    I’m going to email you my address. I need yours as well!

  2. I can’t wait until Ciara. A lot of people here just go ahead and call me “Colleen” without running it by me at all. I have actually thought a lot about seeing you; there is a bus that goes right from Cork to Arklow. The book I’m reading says faeries are from Co. Wicklow.

  3. Yeah, that knitwear factory is really amazing & you would love it really hard. I stayed with this woman that is also sort of part of the Inishmaan (Inis Meain) knitting guild, or whatever they call themselves. The woods!

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