Hungry Hill!

October 22nd, 2006: Hungry Hill!
By far (so far!) the best trip we’ve gone on yet.

I love this picture because Julian is, again, disgusted by Diarmuid’s humor & Ruari is making the cutest, most giggly face in the background.

Jake & Gavin.

Jesus, these summit pix never impart any impression of height!

A tiny Ruari & Dave hanging out in my beautiful vista.
From this point you can see four different peninsulas jutting into Bantry Bay. + Bere Island.

This picture makes me real happy.
Mostly because it wasn’t my idea.

I like how I’m toppling over into Diarmuid.

I don’t know what expression Diarmuid is making, or what “1” means by I am kind of into it, for whatever razon.

Okay, here is our descent; the backdoor out of Hungry Hill (& it actually descends into Kerry).

Czech what we’re climbing half the time!

Matias: the most serious & sweet Swede.

I won a 1,000 euro bet with Julian (AGAIN!) that you’re really supposed to wear your gaiters inside of your waterproof pants & not outside. Thanks to Matias & everyone else that knew what they were talking about. (It feels so good to have a 100% accuracy rate with about 8 bets won under my belt! Especially because Julian is one of the most arrogant people I’ve ever known.)

Hungry Hill en la distancia.


Ruari decided to cool off after our climb by attempting a swim in the bog. He took one step in and sunk into mud.

Also, against all reason, he didn’t want his clothes wet (just your body? Ireland in late October?) so he hiked the last few kilometers in only his wet underwear (& boots & reddened skin).

I made this for my Canadian, Spanish & German roomies.
Absent: aluminum. Additionally: much of the German is incorrect! For example “letters” as I wrote it means graphemes essentially and not pieces of mail you’d receive in your mailbox. I am taking three hours of German this semester & can already correct myself from a month ago!

These women rule the most.
In Myrtleville, Co. Cork – way outside of bus routes & I thought I was defeated because of its odd location, but my new, sweet friend, Brian, took me there.



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