“It will look nasty good.” and “Christ, what a planet!”

Three more weekends mountaineering:

the Horses’ Glen

Some giant thermometer broke and mercury went quicksilver.
HEY CHRISSY, take me to Fundació Miró next week! There is a mercury fountain spoutin’ there (built for the 1937 World’s Fair).

Ever wonder why Ireland is so green? It rains really everyday. Other than green – it makes for suite pictures and abates joy in a tricky way: you’re full of jubilee on a clear, sunny day.

Here are some friends that made us a delicious dinner! Maria, Candellas, Susie, Deirdre, Dennis, Maria x 2, Susie x 2 and Nicky.

The Gap of Dunloe (Bearna an Choimin)

Macgillycuddy’s Reeks mountain range


Later the descent.

Some of Jack’s pictures:

Me, looking serious, and my German roommate, Maren, looking much more approachable than me!

Morris doing something; Jack watching Morris watch & there is grass in this water.

Morris, Emer and Philip!



Some soft Xs I liked.

Weekend in Dingle!: (Daingean Uí Chúis)

I want to eat this picture.

They are all “here are some shirts”, but I was more excited about the combination of cornflower blue + vermilion + buff/flax.

Ahhhh! I finally pulled my back away from the fire & the conversations in that room to go see if the cat was still on the stairs and found 12 giggly friends in her stead.

Climbing Mt. Brandon (markings for some pilgrimage we weren’t taking!)


Maura and Gerald – new favorites.

We found an Ogham stone with the Ogham alphabet! 130 of the 400 known are in Kerry.
John looks really fucking nuts in this picture (to the left of the stone, on the crouching row). I hate hats (on me).

Prancing to the cliffs!

Maura always waving.

& the mist lets up a bit – Dingle peninsula.

And of course this was the last picture I took of the evening (idiot). So I will have to search for and steal all the wonderful pictures from the night (dinner! A gymnastics room! A cobblestone courtyard! Sweet, cozy, fireplace friends! Crepes drizzled with melted chocolate in the middle of the (drunk) night!). Damn.

The beach, to cure rough morning hangovers.

Some crazies went swimming (in mid-November… in Ireland…).

Alright, this is sort of stupid, but I thought it would make a good picture. Some girl from the US wrote “Atlantic Ocean” & my most-favorite Mattias added the sort of detail it deserved!


Ireland. (and some orange pouch snuck into my shot!)

My attempts to write any sort of summary are really ineffective because I know friends and
mountaineers alike look into this journal & I’m self-conscious! I can always list, though:

– The hostel we stayed at over the weekend was a few miles outside of Dingle. Such a charming, creaky, Victorian place: wobbly, concrete hallways; rasping grand staircase; decadent moldings and archways; cobblestone courtyards; dusty, rumbling kitty; tall fireplaces & more decadent furniture. It was opened up out of season especially for us.

– The most delightful product of my weekend is the stirrings of a hushed, genius group finding each other. I love mutualism (and geniuses).

– I am visiting Chris in Barcelona next week! I will have vegan Thanksgiving for probably the 5th year in a row (excluding last year or any other DC holidaze). I’m real excited! I also have relatives that I have never met before picking me up from Shannon Airport in the middle of the night when I get back to Dublin!

– I went to a lecture tonight entitled “What is the Bahá’í Faith?” because the town I grew up in (Wilmette, Illinois) is the home of the oldest & largest Bahá’í House of Worship in the world (a quarter mile from my house!). All that registered when I was 13 and younger were the expansive gardens, pools, and the construct itself: cast concrete and white crystalline quartz. The other Houses of Worship are in: Kampala, Uganda; Sydney, Australia; Langenhain, Germany; Panama City, Panama; Tiapapata, Samoa; New Delhi, India; and soon to be Haifa, Israel; Tehran, Iran; and Santiago, Chile. I wonder by what accident that happened. The lecturer fell over when I talked to him afterwards and told him where I grew up!

– I’m supposed to be writing a daunting-ass essay contrasting Frege’s “Über Sinn und Bedeutung” and B.Russell’s “On Denoting”. Guess why I’m updating!

– Hatha Yoga class starting Monday (finally)!

This could go on forever. Oh, also, I’m coming home for Christmas and New Years!


One thought on ““It will look nasty good.” and “Christ, what a planet!”

  1. I love that you have a friend in Ireland named Maura. Gah, I miss my ma!

    I remember that Baha’i house from visits when i was awfully young. I also remember thinking that only remarkably pristine people could worship there, and that I was not one of them. Ha.

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