[baɾθeˈlona] Thanksgiving 2006

I send my nose to you.

Some found POGs with a Marge Simpson slammer!
Also: Clarisse’s velveteen wall.
Not pictured: my found biscuit tray with Magellan’s rendition of the world (California is prostrate and everything is in Portuguese) or Andreu’s crazy decanter piece.

Montjuic’s above ground cemetery. Chris was in search of Ferrer’s grave and/or Durruti’s tomb.

Having a black cat sun itself on your tombstone isn’t a sacrilege.

Chris in the thick of it.

Stolen from Clarisse # 1 of 4.
Looks like Andreu & I at some Thanksgiving dinner.

Mmmmmm braided dough (you can forget the sweet potato portion/entirety!).

Absinthe – made on site at the Marsella in the Raval district. This is the oldest bar in Barcelona!

¡Desde 1820! Tiene fama de ser el bar más antíguo de Barcelona.

Chris’ amazing apartment.
“Make sure you tip all plates, cups, pots or any sort of crockery with relief of any sort onto its face/belly so the water can ‘fall’ out!”

This vegan cheesecake supersedes any ‘real’ cheesecake I’ve ever tried.

The haziest view piece of Barcelona from up around Tibidabo.

Clarisse in Juicy Joans!


Andreu looking over Barcelona.
I guess this place is called “Castellforti”.

“Borrowed” from Clarisse!

More of the same.

The dreamscape version of a later picture.

An abandoned farmhouse.

Looked like there were some travelers below (not those ones peering up).

Chris getting at a rope that was like 1’6” long to try to swing over to a bigger, better portion of the house.

& giving up.

Most amazing squat.

Oh yeah, goddamnit, I didn’t take any pictures while I was in Dublin!
Anyway here is the dumbest part of Dublin: Grafton St. Great.

Okay, St. Stephen’s Green is pretty tight.

Can I just suffice it to say that I have had two great weekends in Dublin (in the coziest, warmest love nest)? I will tell you about it sometime.

I went out to Glanmire with my friend Jeanne for the evening.
Check out this whorl.

& here she is. This is the most baroque picture because: chandelier earrings, wrought frame, shirt design piece, cascading curls, cracker crumbles (dressing eggplant, also “aubergine” as I have learned. And “brinjal”.).

Most palatable palette!

Jeanne swinging something around in the dawning of the day. Following closely after: a blustery 45 minutes of waiting for a bus that we’d already missed (probably because I insisted on taking pictures of her creepy farmhouse. They didn’t even turn out!).

Mattias converted his double room into a dining room for our Christmas feast!

He looks nuts! This is his “welcome to our apartment” speech.

Susie & Julian (one of my flat mates this past semester). I think I will never see him again? That’s wild & kinda sad.

“Annget” (I dunno, but she is living with me next semester! She is from Brittany.), Vlad (from Nürnberg) and Susie (from München).

“Just under the surface I shall be, all together at first, then separate and drift, through all the earth and perhaps in the end through a cliff into the sea, something of me. A ton of worms in an acre, that is a wonderful thought, a ton of worms, I believe it.” – Samuel Beckett


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