Christmas in Michigan


the Heidelberg Project.

Although I don’t know the whole history of this project, it started off at an artist named Tyree Guyton’s house in downtown Detroit mostly to raise attention of neglected, abandoned neighborhoods in the city. Because of the collapse of the job market in Detroit, there has been an exodus that is really unprecedented and many of those left in the city are unable to leave. Aside from that, I would say the goal of the project would be to restore or renovate the homes that have been abandoned – at least to raise awarness in an eventual effort to confront the epidemic of condemned property. These houses, all throughout Detroit, have been tagged with large polka dots to call attention to them. This is just an offshot of autonomous groups and/or individuals that have expanded the project to the larger Detroit area rather than just the East side.

Amaru in Bogey’s cage.

Paloma & Rodolfo.

W’aw. Joe makes good kin.


Nicklas with his bubble machine.

Joe, Andrew, Kim, and Mike.

My mom & Kim’s faces in this picture are wild and maybe the face of two offended women. Joe must have upset them with some trip-o-the-tongue.

Dad (looks like he’s neatly doing some tax forms or paperwork. He’s real good at that.)

Toy car ramp, Alex & my mom.

Melissa & Amaru.

Amaru with his bubble machine.


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