Home for Christmas!

The last climb before Christmas: Purple Mountain in Kerry. Named for the slate rock covering it (not pictured).

Conor suckin’ his waterhose.

C I A R A!
Both of us tried taking inconspicuous pictures of each other & I think we each have only one, inadequate relic of our overlapping Ireland.

I miss Julian & Maren D:

This is an aerial shot of New Brunswick. I think it is. I was pretty sure, however, we were over Quebec or Newfoundland.

Seeing my world this way far outstrips zoomin’ in with Google Earth!

Damn! Look how close we were to Bois Blanc Island (“White Forest”)!

I’ve missed her.




Andrew waiting on me at Finch’s.

At Elena’s in Durham (with new animals Spike & Drucilla).

Ciara & Attila.

Will & I putting the moldy paint to use!

New Years at Kristin & Dave’s!

King’s with Jordan & Tricia (all reunited!).

W’aw: Dante, me fixin’ some hairpiece, Jordan & Marq.

‘Uge brunch at 1304 & Apocalypto.

Davey got a cell phone.

Brisas del Acapulco & goodbyes D:

Camping with Brian in Hanging Rock.

Our climb the next day.

& summit.


6 thoughts on “Home for Christmas!

  1. Not all, some of them are cousins (& many of them sneak into the ~22-24.9 bracket). How’s DC? Are you working with AU students on NCOR this year? Isn’t it, uh, next weekend?

  2. Well, I’m an okay provider/feeder, but she really takes care of herself more than anyone else. We took her for her annual check-up & she is in perfect health, but it’s all her own doing, so I can’t take credit! All is pretty well; I hope the same goes for you! Say hi to everyone!

  3. Did you get the “this is point1ess” reference? Eh? Eh?
    Somebunny with the initials R.E.?
    I think you will really enjoy ones that I’ll get around to sharing soon as they’re far more fantastical than Raleigh could ever be. Also, a good portion of them have cute French people in them or knitwear or rainbows or panoramas… or desolate, west-Irish islands as experienced in January!
    I want to see what your life looks like.

  4. no im not. i sent them a message to be a candidate organizer and they never got back to me. its actually march 11-14 or something around then on the weekend. dc is nice. its snowing right now.

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