Cliffs of Moher, Galway, Connemara National Park, Letterfrack, Inis Mór:

Cliffs of Moher; Galway; Connemara National Park; Letterfrack; Inis Mór:

the Cliffs of Moher in Clare:

Patrick got the same jacket as Mattias, which led to lots of twin pictures (Mario & Luigi).
You can’t really see the cliffs too well in my picture but it was a hazy day; on a clearer day you’d be able to distinguish between the black shale & sandstone.

As fatalities are not at all uncommon to the cliffs, there is a new, restricted area so less people will fall off the 650 ft, sheer drop off. A woman and her child fell off just yesterday :(

I’m not sure who was responsible for these panoramas but I appreciate them.
Somewhere along our drive.

Yes, above all places you’ll need to heavily protect your skin in Ireland.

One of Vlad’s pictures.


Ashley & Marion before dinner.

“APFELSAFT”; Flashes are whack & I obviously didn’t take this picture. I think it’s Marion’s.

Some pub in Galway & kittyeyes & expressions speciously communicated by use of a fake overbite.

Hell yeah, sitting on Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde’s laps!

A replica of these two statues is also to be found in Tartu, Estonia.

Typical Galway (& pretty close to Claddagh).

Vlad’s very nice picture of Galway.




Ashley & Anne-gaïd at some side-of-the-road stop.

Ashley is Anne-gaïd’s American sister (& Anne-gaïd is the her French) & she was here 10 days from Portland, OR; Boston, Massachusetts. She is amazing.

Anne-gaïd and Mattias somewhere else along the road.

Anne-gaïd and Patrick.

Panorama near the Kylemore Abbey.

Kylemore Abbey.


The ranch-style bed & breakfast we stayed at: kitsch has never been done better.

Connemara National Park

Caroline & Clare.

Chess as a method of advancing mental prowess.
Vlad 1 : Mattias 2. (Vlad should not be confused with Vladimir Kramnik, the undisputed, contemporary world chess champion. He’s also, probably, the cutest world chess champion of all 14. Kinda looks like a less-cute version of Dara. I guess since Dara already is a twin, he’d be tríú, or third. “Dara” means oak or second.)

Anne-gaïd and me (there is a barely-conscious kitty on my lap!).

Ashley & Marion.

Inis Mór:


We saw a little seal on the coast (Rónán: Rón meaning seal, and Án being a dimunitive suffix).
Viviane, Caroline, Marion, Mickaël, Mattias, Anne-gaïd, Clare, Vlad & Ashley.

Reshuffle + Patrick.

I wish I was better versed in Irish folklore & mythology because I can’t figure out who this woman is supposed to represent (I mean, maybe it’s a stretch but the Hag of Beare is supposed to be a bit of a shape-shifter resembling a haggard old woman, a huge stone in Bantry Bay, a beautiful young woman, or a mermaid).

Near the Dún Aonghasa fort.:

Even if Mattias did fall, he’s probably indestructible.

Thank you panorama!


Something is wrong with Patrick.

Idiot picture of me.

Some graveyard.

Holy hell, karst limestone!

Tea (or hot whiskey!) after a cold, wet day.


3 thoughts on “Cliffs of Moher, Galway, Connemara National Park, Letterfrack, Inis Mór:

  1. this is so crazy! you took so many pictures of places me and asher went, where did you stay?
    there is this awesome cooperative garden on inismore with the goal of sustainability on the island. we met this girl there and saw the house/garden(there are gardens of their’s all over the island apparently)and it was beautiful.

    i can’t beleive someone fell off the cliffs of moher yesterday! did you throw rocks off the side? when we did, the wind would catch it, spin it around right in front of you, and then drop. truely awesome!

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