Corrán Tuathail: Highest mountain in Ireland!

I climbed the highest mountain in Ireland!

Macgillycuddy’s Reeks in Kerry
Or “Na Cruacha Dubha” meaning “The Black Tops”
This vale: the Hag’s Glen.

Corrán Tuathail meaning meaning “Tuathal’s sickle” in Irish.
1,039 m

The range is made of Devonian sandstone that was once highly glaciated, but my geologist friend gave me a much more in-depth description of the formation of the mountain range that deviates from the encyclopedia’s.


Maíra and Karin.

“As decent a little man as ever wore a hat.”

I’d love to come back in the summer for a higher-altitude swim & picnic. As long as I’m not frog-marched into this cold water.

Kinda looks like a cyclone!

Feckin’ “Throws Like a Girl” revivalist.

Whetted, splintery, serrated mountain peak!

The Reeks (all red sandstone).


Even more to be happy about right now, like:
– the traditional music session I went to last Friday: 13 musicians playing harps, accordions, flutes, violins, banjos, drums, spoons, tin flutes, other wind instruments, voice boxes…
– trampoline training with Gavin! Taking trampolining seriously. Flips & twists & keeping your body straight. I just want to play popcorn.
– Amanda Carter is in Cork for the weekend?!
– James Joyce is all I need in my life right now to sustain high levels of satisfaction and pleasure. Joy. Also Professor Kearney.
– Athleticism! Every week I: swim 3 miles (not all at once), climb 1 mountain, run 6 km, boulder or do a few courses at the climbing wall, and 1 hour of yoga. Very few things satisfy me as much as physical activity.
– I met the highest-ranking climber in Ireland last night & will go to Wales with him and a handful of others in one month (to climb Snowdon: the highest mountain in Wales. Among other things.)! Eoin.
– the Jordanian almonds my mom sent me for Valentine’s Day (also the only ‘cute’ joke she’s ever sent me. It’s of this fully grown man crowding himself under a coffee table, trying to reach his kitty, mumbling: “Quit playing hard to pet.”)
– I am invited to visit Pierre in Haute-Savoie to go skiing in the French Alps. Woah! Pretty expensive to get there, though.
– Haunted house next weekend!
– My parents, who are really wonderful people.
– New Partner & I Send My Love to You. Picturing Dara dancing to them!
– Late night Dara:

Me: Joyce used “relish” in both senses as a food item & as a verb of prolonged enjoyment. It was so satisfying.
Dara: You’re a big nerd. Quote?
Me: “Mr Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls.” (….”He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liver slices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencods’ roes….”)

Me: Like the written word much better than the spoken.
Dara: feckin Derridean. So you like enforcing the stringencies of lettering upon the fluidity of speech? Fascist.
Me: There’s always phonetics for nuances [noo-ahns].
Dara: [noo-sahns]

Dara: are you annoyed because i referred to my organisational knowledge of you?
Me: HAHA. That can be read in two ways. Awful.
Dara: we’re atheists. we aren’t able to have knowledge in the biblical sense.
Me: No, not what I mean. What’s the root of organizational?
Dara: organization organnisae organ very good
Me: double entendres.
Dara: irridentist Jacobin.
Me: or mind in the gutter.
Dara: you’re the most intellectually lewd person I know. Goodnight, dream of dictionaries.

Does it make you queasy?


6 thoughts on “Corrán Tuathail: Highest mountain in Ireland!

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place! I love the fog, it looks so eerie. I bet it would be wonderful to go swimming there.

    “I just want to play popcorn.” This made me smile. I have good memories of playing on trampolines.

  2. Awww, this reminded me of these gorgeous Norman kitties (that I played with in Rouen, France a few summers back); the mère qui allaite (“nursing mother”) let me hang:

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