Dublin; Camping Trip; Dingle Peninsula!

This time a Human mountain! Perfectly predictable for a bunch of mountaineers.

Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day 2007.
Never again! All the Irish people (besides the children & obligatory guardians) go into hiding and Dublin is wrecked by a bunch of non-invitees.
Block parties are SO much better than parades.
Excuse my whining. I did get to see Dara, and he is my favorite companion, so how could it be bad? We took a midnight bike ride through the city center on our way to a show, which was a whole lotta fun! All the cars were stalled on account of the traffic, and all the crowds were condensed & fermenting, so we were effectively the fastest movers in Dublin city!

HELL YEAH CAMPING TRIP! I went out with these ones on the night of the lunar eclipse. We were supposed to camp in Dingle and go night hiking, watch the sunrise and then climb Mt. Brandon, but decided to “run away from the weather” and go east rather than west, so we went to the Comeraghs (my very least favorite place to climb/hike) and were hit by gale-force winds regardless of our good intentions. The whole night I spent rolled up in my sleeping bag, squished between Susie and Dave, hearing the snaps of carabiners and clips and any other accoutrements of the tent coming undone (violently!). Even so, I could only manage to draw Homeric analogies between our tent and Aeolus’ bag of wind.
“In the midst of death, you are in life”.
Dave, Tom, Amanda, Susie, Ginny, Jenny, Brian.

I guess that is a mural of Fungie the dolphin enjoying a nice swim in Dingle Bay.
Here we are getting some dinner that Conor made for us (made for 50 individuals!). He added 3 cans of pesto to the vegetarian one (ooooof!).

Catriona has spotted me catching a candid of pasta-gatherers.

Dinner time. Too lazy to think of a nice spoonerism for this.

Maurice’s girlfriend declined an invitation to join as she is not into mountains. Here he is reaching out (figuratively).

The next morning, I tried to climb Mt. Brandon (for the second time) but realized very quickly that I was not over my Bronchitis & as I couldn’t breathe, I had to descend. Here are my antclimber companions continuing on up in the distance.

Dingle Peninsula (or one offshoot of). This should look relatively familiar.

Some terrified sheep (yawn).

Some farmhouse on the beginning of my walk home.
My walk, which turned into a huge anxiety attack! If you’ve ever had Bronchitis, you know that the strained breathing feels like an anxiety attack anyway. Then try walking by yourself with just little climbing tights on, coughing as you walk through and by farms, and then experience running into ferocious border collies that are angry at you anyway for walking on their humans’ land, but even angrier because they aren’t comfortable with the sound of strange humans coughing. Now try breathing.

I have never had a fear of dogs before but I also haven’t been that terrified of anything in a long time. I would greatly appreciate advice on how to deal with aggressive dogs for future encounters. I managed to keep their teeth out of my calves/jugular area, but only because I thought quickly about:

What excites or angers a dog: screaming? A swift kick ? A funny facial expression (makes them SO angry)? A running human? A human jumping over a fence to escape? The taste of blood? Other dogs involved to rev them up even more? Etc. All of this is guesswork but I managed to escape relatively unscathed. More advice would be greatly appreciated.

A couple of lambs!

Emer, Conor & Orla saved me and here is Emer preparing to surf with Conor!

Conor loosening up before getting in the water.

Low tide!

This is the fancy dinner, ceremony and céilí.
I got to dress up realfancy and dance all night for the first time in…ever?

Gavin jumping on some people after a performance of Purple Rain.

These men led the céilí and gave us all instructions in Irish. Jerks.

Jerry Kelly in the water.

Ich spiele hurling. Hurling spielen.

How is it possible that this felt like a lazy near-summer day?

Human, structural engineering feats!

These people look more like a stack of bricks with the girl on top as spackling paste.

Maybe I’m okay at taking action shots!

Tom, a little too nervous to ascend this quaking tower of human. In fairness he did climb up, but he didn’t make a new, tiny, Tom tier.


Sea cliff walking with Karen, Catriona & Kelly.

Make a mental note: this is Dingle.
You want to go here.


3 thoughts on “Dublin; Camping Trip; Dingle Peninsula!

  1. The low tide photo and last photo are spectacular.

    Border collies are very territorial. My family used to have one when I was very young and we had to give good ‘ol Maggie away to a farm because she would attempt to “herd” all the neighborhood kids (which involves lots of barking and nipping at heels). My advice is to remain calm and still (most importantly). If you run, you are encouraging the collie to chase you. If it is jumping up on you and/or trying to bite, avert its attention with a stick or something for it to chew on or chase.

    Your updates are always my favorite! I love and miss you!

  2. This is exactly the kind of thing I needed someone to tell me half way through my walk when I was calling people out of breath, crying & asking franticallly “WHADOIDO!?”. I am pretty impressed by how calm/collected I managed to be (all I wanted to do was get out of there fast and take off running). I didn’t remain still though, and I don’t know if it would’ve helped in this particular situation or not. Also, there are zero trees in Ireland (okay, there are some, but none in Dingle!) so I would’ve had nothing to avert attention. Plus, bending down to get it would’ve resulted in my face being torn off its bonez.
    I miss you too! I will be home pretty soon though, kinda sad. But I get to hang out with you to my heart’s content!
    You know, that’s a really strange manner of expression. Shouldn’t it really be (un)til your heart (is) content rather than to?

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