West Kerry: Portmagee near the Skelligs and part of the Ring of Kerry (2007)

On Dairbhre (Valencia Island), the western-most, inhabited location in Europe off the Iveragh Peninsula.

During the month of April, everyone comes to campus every day and works in the library or lays around in grassy areas all day. Me too.
Speaking of Abril… I was reading the Independent (London’s) & they misspelled “Arbil” (city in Iraq) as “Abril”. Is it just me or do you think spelling errors are the most unforgivable of errors?

I found this on a campus bulletin board: Trent’s face! (As in, Trent from Daria… Jane’s brother) Tight!

My favorite garden/house in my neighborhood.

Last weekend I went with Eugene, James, Ray, Gabby and Grannie to Dublin for the day for a dayschool on Community / Neighborhood / Labor Organizing with folx from Glasgow, Scotland; Somewhere, France; London, England; and non-WSMers from Dublin as well.

On our way to Portmagee, somewhere around Killarney.
The gorse is in bloom (yellow blossoms); but the barbs haven’t softened a bit, so don’t try to catch that aroma by sticking your face in a gorse bush!

Near Portmagee in west Kerry.

Valencia Island.

Valencia Island.

Clare & Mattias.

Brokewrist Mattias trying to climb a tree (failing).

Valencia Island. We were supposed to go to Skellig Michael, but the waters weren’t calm enough to dock D: Would’ve been incredible! (like this)

Valencia Island (one of the 2 lighthouses)

Totally tight little bug I found! I haven’t found any interesting bugs in Ireland (and believe me, I’ve been looking!) until this guy.


Hangin’ out on some oceanfront rocks; doin’ nothing all day but get sunburned.

There are the Skelligs in the distance (that’s Skellig Michael, but there is also a “Little LIDL Skellig”).

Apparently it’s the Underworld. (Okay, you can’t see but the water is red. Lake Bled.)

Kinda the Ring of Kerry.

This tree is good at back bending.

Anne-gaïd makes this view much nicer, huh.

You know, I feel like I already have this picture (from all over Ireland & Wales) a half dozen times…

Valencia Island & Anne-gaïd

Questions for the world:
1. Whatever happened to Sinbad??? Seriously.
2. I am in a position where I am as likely as not to go to Centroamérica for 3 to 4 weeks this summer with a good friend from my Chicago past. If any of you have been to Guatemala, el Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica or Panama then will you share stories, advice, suggestions generally?
3. I just saw a press release announcing a conference on Criminal Justice & Human Rights this morning, so at first I was excited, but it’s a conference for “postgrad research scholars” (& there is a fee), which is pretty problematic to me… how can you have a evenhanded discussion on criminal justice & human rights with only fee-paying post grads present? I’ll try sneaking in anyway like I’ve done with every conference this year. Hopefully it won’t be rotten.


3 thoughts on “West Kerry: Portmagee near the Skelligs and part of the Ring of Kerry (2007)

  1. just want to say that everytime you post new pictures on the internet, i am insanely jealous of you and your adventures & journies.

    i hope your life is going as wonderfully as it seems to be in photographs.


  2. Charlie! It has been so long, how is everything??!!
    I’m really glad that you’re looking at these, because I wonder sometimes if it is worth the tedium to put them up (but it is, because it’s in such a nice, scroll-down format for family & friends to see, or me when I’m wanting a reminder of what I am doing with my life), if anyone gets anything from them.
    Life is going pretty well, there’s nothing to whine about, but everything is relative. For the most part, the highlights of my life surface here and the lower points (even in Ireland they happen!) are murkin’ around, off the I. I’m pretty content to be in transience for awhile longer, but it will be really nice to finally be back in North Carolina, comfy-cozy with people I know well & love. How do you feel about Charleston, now? You’ve had nearly a year there at this point, right?

  3. Pictures…

    Hey Cailin its Aoife just leaving you a comment to say you’ve 3 pictures of “gorse bushes on the way to Portmagee near Killarney” well that would be on the road to Glenbeigh (where i live) the area is called Ballycleave, the rivers called the Caragh River. Just so you know!! Miss ya!!

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