Manteo for 4th of July

Fireworks at Shea’s house right next to Nagshead Pier.

Watching marsh fires in Manteo after the fireworks were over. I guess the consequent fires in marshland obey the laws of energy (never lost – only converted from one form into another).

“Look that guy fits into the color scheme.”

Nagshead beach before a T-Storm.

The sultry side of Manteo
Brian’s mom’s: Outdoors Inn.

Nags Head Woods.

I think these are seriously called root balls.

Our deserted, private beach near Pea Island.

My maculed self. The littoral girl.

Slowly slinkin’ down this dune. Do you see his tiny foot? The only locomotion.

Pea Island.

Soon moving to Sweden for a year. Sad times.

Also, 3 pictures of Brian’s that I loved (, stole) & scanned:

1. Moss beard.

2. Oregon summer 2005. He’s there again this summer & why am I not alongside D:.


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