Back home in North Carolina (Summer 2007)

Raleigh summer porches

Anna & Ooons at the craft fair in Raleigh.

Carlz & Ooons. European summer reunion (how many parts per million? A lot of parts per million.).

Woons stepping into her penumbra, taking a break from Being There.

Carlz’ photo shoot; sleepover; some softlight shadows.

I should try to lay my claws into some of Thomas’ flicker.

Tryin’ to sleep after whackpot.

Stefano & Andrea the fount.

Seriously, Brian is the only one of the face of Erf that wants to go hiking with me (Liz: where you at).

Cut-off summer & I don’t really belong.
Tarantuloco is back from tour.

Erik, Stefano, Brooks, Oons, R.Stack, Kyle, Lyle, Chuck.

Liz with some found … earrings.

The Really, Really Free Market in Carrboro.
Free face painting! (and haircuts, and a full banquet of delicious food).
The market still makes me feel really uncomfortable: strangers try to explain for me what “solidarity” is. Yup, I get it.

In the woods behind Casa Grande (“the Green Space”?).
There is an old pool that was closed in the early 20th century because it was the only integrated pool that refused to undergo segregation. Now it’s overgrown & used as a public space for film screenings & other gatherings.

Independence Day Alleycat 07/07/07.
I (wo-)manned a checkpoint because my bike was stolen a whiiiile ago & I can’t afford a new one for a whiiiile.

41 riders in all: Chris, Hans & Marq win.

The track stand, etc competitions after the race.

Elena getting married!

Elena & papa

+ Pete’s parents & Elena’s siblings.

Yeah, I like that.


Pete’s limo hangin’ at the hootenanny.

Tricia’s 30th birthday party. Someone has a weird sense of humor.

Beed girl getting her cake on.

Dustin & Tricia. I tried to get Brack in the picture (pouncing around in the background) but he dipped out of this shot.

  • Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, the Outer banks
  • 7/7/7 Alleycat
  • Elena’s wedding & hootenanny
  • Tricia’s Dirtiest Thirtieth

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