Tennesse stretch of the Appalachian Trail/Raleigh Fall/Halloween

Clockwise from “noon”:
Harlem, Tío and Pele.

Errybody trying to block out their face but Andrea.
It’s surprising how many books are titled “How to Read a Book.”

Carley visits!

Keep still.

Andrea’s faces are so good!
See: the Andrea/Alberto tiles!

Tone the hell down, light.
Also: 8 year old sheepdog Joyner.


Browe gets cold very quickly after leaving his tropical-climate bedroom, so you’ve got to trade your body heat for his company.
David’s eyes are straight out of a comic book.

For fall break I went to east Tennessee: Roan Mountain National Park.
It reminded me of Klimt’s “Beech Wood.”

Zach, Vic & Florian making breakfast after our first night near this barn shelter.
Those crenellated wall/breeze breakers are more hassle than they’re worth.

Crossing paths with Bill’s group.

Zach & Florian.

Like an Indian Paintbrush.

I still really, really want to thru-hike the AT.

Anne with her sawdust carrot cake (it was delicious until black mold grew all over the bottom).

Anne’s students are so cute.

Some of the servers that I work with at Hibernian – Star, Leigh, Adrian, Mallory, Katie and Beth.
Halloween was SO WHACK.

Woons & Steveo in the blood-spattered dome tent.

HA HA, the lollipop.

Twiggy brushing her teeth.

Some Halloween party.


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