C H I C A G O ! NYE and LSA

The Green Mill was so decked out – balloons bobbing across the ceiling, trailing ribbon ringlets; all the women in glitzy paper tiaras; collapsible, plastic champagne glasses; gilt on everything imaginable; overdone molding, etc.

Christmas in Michigan

This is actually before Christmas at Elizabeth, Margaret and Minori’s “Classy Christmas Party” & book exchange. I gave “In Cold Blood” and received “Wise Blood”!

Andrea and that hound she was sitting.

A Pratt party before Christmas.

Brian came home from Sweden for a few days to visit (the night before I had to take my GRE)

Liz in Chicago!
After I landed in Chicago, I went to Carson’s apartment to see Liz for a few hours. Here’s the Duraflame & a football game.

I love lamplit snow at night.
On our walk to New Years.

For New Years I went with Molly and Billy to the Green Mill: the longest continuously-run jazz club in the US. In the 20s Al Capone’s Henchman — Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn — owned 25% of the club.

The next morning I watched the New Years balloons we carried home with us sink simultaneously to the radiator.

Billy and Molly (the one I went to Nicaragua with!).

Molly and I.

Some of the men that sat with us. The one on the far right is a saxophonist at the Green Mill on other nights and because he was with us, we got 4 bottles of champagne delivered to our table.

Molly rushing home, balloons in tow.

New Years leftovers.

They found this beautiful, white Christmas tree in the suburbs.
An all-season tree, or since it’s a year-round tree, it is just a tree.

Molly and I took the metro north to our suburb for the afternoon.
Here’s the Baha’i temple.

Probably my favorite building — grew up half a mile from this beaut.

Lake shore.

My house from birth to 13: a Dutch colonial, just like the Amittyville Horror House.

Back to Molly and Billy’s beautiful apartment.

Dave and TJ’s improv show. They’ve been performing for 5 years (every Wednesday!) now, but still their shows sell out half a day before their performance. When we tried to buy tickets, they were sold out already, so we just got put on the guest list instead.

This is actually a miniature!
A macro shot of a miniature exhibit in the Art Institute of Chicago. I tried to take a similar picture of a harpsichord but it wasn’t as convincing.

Some French busts.

Liz as the Chicago eskimo.

The real reason I went to Chicago was for the annual American Dialect Society conference in coordination with the much larger Linguistic Society of America conference. It lasted a very heavy 3 days in the Chicago Hilton & I got to see all the most famous linguists in the world in one place, one room in many cases. Plus my very favorite professors all pulled together.

Allan Metcalf & Wayne counting votes for the “Word of the Year.”

Allan announcing the winner of overall word of the year: subprime.
I was one of the 79 voters!


One thought on “C H I C A G O ! NYE and LSA

  1. your pictures are so beautiful, always! i called orrin on my way home on friday night and told him all that was discussed in his absence. all things he’s heard from you before, this time from me. i imagine all 3 of us will be in the same place ONE day. take care!

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