Spring break mountain tour (Asheville and Boone). Plus Raleigh. 2008

The Gloom House (ours, I’m very happy here) the night of the lunar eclipse.

Today I tried to think of dark or sinister-sounding bodies of water and came up with:
– Great Dismal Swamp
– Lake Eerie [sic]
– Cape Wrath (Scotland)
– Lake Disappointment (Australia)
– Hardangerfjord (Norway)
– Messier Channel (Chile)
– Lake Bled (Slovenia)
– Dark Lake (Nova Scotia)
– (Help me think of more)

“You can’t take a picture of that, the moment is already over.”

Dugg & Elizabeth at Margaret’s 22nd.
That is the look of love.

Modern impressionism.

Ooons & Steveo.
Also the look of love.

Every friend has a dimple.

Pele, the gentle giant.

Shadow-casting cats.

Tiny lioness and the firm favorite.

Pele in a love knot.

Tio wilting at the sight of Katrina.

Anne venturing out with a creamy cup of nutriment.

Anne in dreamscape.

“Vege Time” family dinner (homage to my mother’s disastrous spelling) – polenta lasagna with spinach, basil, eggplant, zucchini, marinara, garlic, and mozzarella.

Driving is the worst, but at least Luke made me a Taste of Honey mix.

Luke and what he thinks is a super food (sweet potato).
Lemme just say someone needs to clear up the final, constant list of super foods because they keep changing in my mind.

The Asheville hobbit hole that housed us for some nights.

Tree house.

Luke and Andy chopping wood.

Open flue.

Andy taught us how to play Backgammon, but bungled the set up until Shea re-taught me the following days.

“Tasting much sweeter than wine do-do-do-do! Dum-dum, do-do-do-do!”

I stopped for tea with Carley and the storm brought a limb and line down onto my car. Here is the aftermath, clearing away the cut wire & wood shards.

Who could resist a face like Spitty’s?

Carley & some Green Life.

Wire wood in Boone.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway – I want to do the Mountains-to-Sea trail bad, and the Appalachian Trail worse.

Shea wearing a large headpiece.

I’ve tried my damndest to figure out how to play Rhododendron, but I think my grandma must’ve made it up because it doesn’t exist on the internet.


6 thoughts on “Spring break mountain tour (Asheville and Boone). Plus Raleigh. 2008

  1. We definitely want you here, too. Andrea talks about you often…. also, I’ve heard you’re a good penpal. I’d love to exchange letters this drowsyhot summer.
    Are you in New York now?

  2. I know, I knew you would back me up on this. I just can not, for the life of me, find a solid, “official” list of super foods. I don’t know if one really exists.

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