springtide & summerslumber

Living across the street from most parties means Wii-pre-parties, bathroom with no lines, catnaps during haunting hours, friends climbing through the window, and sleepovers.

At their very best, these are our friends.

Friend brunch!

Dakotas dragon cake!


Diffin autoretrato.

Greensboro/Kyle’s birthday/before Marge abandoned Raleigh!

Sweethearts, all of ’em.

Andrea Ablaze



I love when the day turns cyan



Slumber kitty


Limp starfish

She’s moved to Chicago :(

Kate’s goodbye drinks before she went to Eastern Europe for 6 weeks.

The rest will come some other time.

Summer has been really regenerative for me and especially friends/wider social circle. This town feels prized open, and it hasn’t for a long time. Some friendships are clearly lifelong and lifecourse-changing and already I’ve decided to stay rather than move on, as planned, mostly because of the force of one friendship. She is so devoted, selfless and I’m willing to delay a fresh start to live with her longer.

Since last time, I: graduated from college, started working for my favorite publishing company, have continued my pursuit of grotesque &/or time-honored Southern writing (read: the Sound and the Fury by Faulkner at last, Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, am in the center of Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson and a long stride into Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe), have started summer swimming (Fort Fisher, rock quarries, lakes, rivers and pools); spent a week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, went to a weekend craft festival in Asheville, and spent most of my Raleigh nights in living rooms, porches and front lawns. I know I will never start making any new friends within these esoteric spaces. And sadly have said goodbye or see-you-in-some-months to far, far too many. Photoblogs are so dead.


4 thoughts on “springtide & summerslumber

  1. i just restarted that book today.
    thats one of my favorite openings ever. and even though after multiple casual attempts i have yet to conquer the book in its entirety, i’ve read those first few sentences so many times.

    i hope you are well.

  2. oh my cailin! i would come back any minute.
    there really is NOBODY in NYC even half cool as everyone in Raleigh… or I’m just hanging out in all the wrong places?? I miss you all so much.
    I just got a library card (finally!) and hopefully will begin some greatsummer reading, I forgot how bad t.v. was until i moved here.
    I hope your summer continues to be fun and filled with friends and swimming.

  3. That was definitely a tease, I know you didn’t abandon Raleigh and I MISS YOU TOO. I hate that you’re not here, but I hope there are some very redeeming things about spending the summer (!) in NYC (!). You will be home again soon, and aside from some people, things will be exactly the same and it won’t take long for you to catch up.
    I know someone that works at the public library in NY!
    Do they have DVDs for rental? I bet they do. They’d have a much better stock in general than Wake Co. Unimaginably so. I wish I could rent DVDs for free, wah.
    Misss you, come home soon.

  4. It’s real hard to press on with Thomas Wolfe because I’ve heard many, many times that Look Homeward, Angel is at least 200 pages too long (and that those nonessential passages are interspersed, so there’s little way of getting through it except for skimming, which I don’t have the heart to do). I’m 25% done, but keep starting other, easier books (Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close; the God Delusion – both loooovely, but keeping me away from Wolfe) and it really is something I want to read in full, so those distractions aren’t helping.
    How is your summer, your life? I haven’t the faintest what you’re doing now, aside from Charleston. I hope you are well.

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