Summer Pt. 2

Triple Exposure in Rodanthe

Midsummer heat at the Shepherd house.

Outerbanksy Experience / Crocodile River / 4th summer visit to Manteo

Chris & Brian at Rodanthe.
I swam and didn’t notice the cresting stingrays all around me (cresting when I’d turn my back, kind of like castle ghosts). The inlets are rife with stingray now because the bullsharks were over-fished.

Brian & his mom & some husky okra at the community garden.


Beachgoers getting blown over by a wave.

Crickets in outerspace & ammonia.

Gleaning the soundside for specimen.


In my heat-o-summer agony, I found strangers to go camping with.
Camping trip near Pisgah Mountain / Willow Creek / Harper’s Creek.

<3 North Carolina summers <3

Willow Creek

Towering old growth.

Gorge before the dusty drive home.

Kitty crawlspace.

Waking up in my old room / treehouse room.

Saying sayonara to the old house.

Brian with tom plants in tow, walking them to the New House, the Whole House only 2 blocks away :D :D :D

Midsummer heat

Steveo & Andrea, our beloved housemates/neighbors in the old house.


Before things found homes in the new house.

Brotherly Love.



TALL times with the best friends. I tried to outgrow Erik.

The last day of summer.

My <3ly.

After-dinner snug with a nug.

Two girls, one cup.

Carolina Beach weekend / stormed in at the tackiest & most fun beach house imaginable.

Picking out pumpkins at the farmer’s market. Erik’s got swiped.

Briguy made a better face in the blurry one. Look at our beautiful pumpkins.

Briguy off to school!

My lumina. Twas orange inside.

Little, babbington owl in the Welsh owl belly.

All I need in the new room.

Pumpkin carving / roasting.

Those begonias are going to live forever.

A new baby litter of kittens got borned under the neighbors house. Spayed, neutered, given homes.

The idea of the fair is always better than the food.

Ferris Wheel.

Fall storm on Carolina Beach.

Simply speaking: winter fell and my work days are really sun days (indoors from sunrise to set; I hardly know what the weather is unless I hear crashing thunder or a small, distant voice: “it’s snowing!”). Otherwise, everything is great. I really have the love of my life back in Full Form, fully present. It means lots of cooking (ratatouille, black bean chili, eggplant parmesan, tilapia-yellow rice-edemame combos, pumpkin pie from sugar pumpkins, quiches, etc) together, also coming home to the warmest, most loving encouragement and affirmation. Oh, and having my back scratched daily (!!!), loooong night walks (sometimes with a Tecate concealed), endless plan-making and dream-weaving. Also: my house is a home. We have a family of four + 3 cats + best friends moving in across the street + lovelies over to lounge or play Phase 10 every night. Most importantly, I think: I’m now hired full-time and really, really like my job. Aside from sheer relief, I adore my coworkers, time passes quickly every day, and I’m happy to be there. Mostly I get to play in InDesign and Photoshop all day, and have conferences to look forward to (the first: International Studies Association in New York, mid-February, then Baltimore in March). Not to mention the fact that this job has been a bit of a pipe dream for years. I think that’s enough vaguery in one, tight paragraph.


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