Thanksgiving in Austin (2009)

Brian and I went to visit Uncle Pete and Aunt Sally! They found huge leaves!

Every photojournalist’s muse: Nubian Queen Lola (and her royal Cajun kitchen).

Stopping at Philippe Klinefelter’s studio on the East Austin Studio Tour.
Brian, Pete & Sally with one of his huge granite pieces.

The shelf of small things!
At Tom and Emily’s.

Sweet, dilapidated warehouse on Shady Lane (by the Pump House).

Philippe and Sunyong’s house.

The artists in Pete & Sally’s neighborhood were working on urethane sculptures, wood burl carvings (looks more like stone – cat’s-eye – than wood grain), and bronze casting.

Pete & Sally.

Brian & I taking a springy walk around marshlands with a dachshund.

& getting stuck in the eye.

Christmas in Texas.

Blue Genie; still East Austin Studio Tour.

<3 Found objects <3
Altar to Santo Niño Cautivo (captive child).

Holly Street party.

Seven & Sailor, so adorable.

Barton Springs at Zilker Park (68 degrees all the time).

Drive out to the ranch in Dripping Springs.

The tightest bench & what looked to me like grafted trees.

Uncles at McKinney Falls.

Not yucca but… something kind of similar?

McKinney Falls.

A mollusk had its way with this limestone.

Bitty uncles.

Thanksgiving feast!

Fernando’s stuffed peppers.


Fernando, Emily & Sally.

Witch’s broom on Jane’s ranch piece.

Built in the 1850s.

Maybe newer accoutrements though (I saw a tag or two).

Suzanne came!

Pete’s silkscreens!


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