Birthday beach (Wilmington!) 2009

New camera! New camera!

On 09/09/09 it was my 24th birthday! I celebrated with a stormy beach weekend, Mexican seafood (including Southwestern-style sushi rolls that were slightly off-putting, but mostly genius. I had mahi mahi fajitas that were the bomb), a Hibachi-style dinner (strangely called “Kabuki” even though there’s no theatre involved whatsoever), and loved ones abounding.

This year has flown by, or at least it feels like I’ve missed it in my preoccupation with all else. It’s also felt like my first year of solid adulthood. I’ve been marking the occasion with taking a more active role in checking my overall health with various doctors visits: updating outdated diagnoses, and getting vaccinations I’ve intended to get for too long now. More joy than woe by a long shot.

There is no mooning about how great the old times were.

Brandon’s birthday dinner – calzones! And strawberry shortcake. And Helena before she moved so, so far away.

More awkward birthday shotz & Jason Mraz hatpiece.

Spring house! I have no summer house pictures but it’s basically this with millions upon millions of ants. And a much longer lawn.

Brandon’s grandma came to visit & we played Phase 10!

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy! Be still my heart.

Colin Powell showed up at a conference I exhibited at in DC?!

DC Pride Parade.

Strange Bodies exhibit at the Hirschhorn.
This guy was like 6 times larger than life.

Stalagmites & stalactites

Getting ready for Nee’s 27th!

Bebes & some lemon drop shots for a grown-ass woman.

Gorge’ ladies

Mystery blue light.

Friend brunches

We are tweeeeeeeeeens

We are tweens with our alarmed ear-rotation.

Puttin’ some fools into my wine stem.

Nate made the most beautiful pot & I took surreptitious portraits of the porch crowd through it. They actually didn’t all know what I was doing, so these are au naturale.

Hellllll to the hell to the hell to the hell yes: pool times! Even though the prices went up 200%.

Nee, Anne & the public access pool.

Hannah came to visit! Elizabeth must be reenacting some awkward interaction for us.

Hannah visit!

Tom glamor shots: only one day elapsed between them.

Helena’s goodbye cookout :*(

Countryside bike ride.

Cobby sculpture at the art museum & some fools on their way to RDU.

Day moon!

So 23 – 24 has consisted of:

  • Lots of travel since last Thanksgiving: Austin, Texas; NY, NY; Baltimore, Maryland; New Orleans, Louisiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Montreal, Quebec; Washington, DC; Bois Blanc Island, Michigan; Oxford, UK; London, UK; Chicago, Illinois & now pending: 2 visits to Philadelphia & Thanksgiving in St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • (Hardly) helping Anne start a real, bountiful garden for our house ‘n home! Tomatoes (cherry, better boy, yellow poppers, roma), peppers (mottled green perpetually going on red, jalapeno), eggplant, yellow squash (RIP), zucchini (RIP: victim of drowning and delicate root system failure), spinach (RIP summer heatwave), basil (sweet, Italian), herby pots (parsley, rosemary), winter vegetables soon enough!
  • Lollapalooza!
  • Asher’s superfun wedding in New Orleans.
  • Cooking. So, so much cooking. I’ve taught myself how to make pizzas from scratch (including the dough, the sauces, the pesto), calzones, sushi (inside-out!), curries, chile, soups, zuccanoes, bomb-ass mac & cheese from scratch, etc.
  • Finally ended a codependent relationship.
  • Starting a fabulous one with a man who deserves so many superlatives.
  • Girls’ Night once a week (snacks & trashy tv & being homebodies) and Ladies’ Night (always out, always different, conversations just a bit more explicit).
  • Bowling & baseball games & beach trips. I had no real intentions of being alliterative, sorry.

These coming months are going to mark some big changes. One of my very best friends is moving across the country. He is genetically disposed to something called Marfan Syndrome (because he’s tall and thin), which means he’s also prone to spontaneous collapsed lung. Typically your lung only collapses if you go through something really traumatic, like a car accident, a gun shot, a knife wound… but his was completely spontaneous. On his drive to work in the morning, his lung collapsed and he passed out. Luckily he had a safe glide onto the side of the road, brushed a guard rail, and was immediately spotted by a nurse in a following car. Even though this experience was so traumatic and unexpected, he’s fine. You can understand his rationale for doing what he wants now, rather than waiting for more preparation. Another close friend is having a baby 4 months from now! The first.

a peer into the past. Photocredit: Brandon. Of: Brandon.


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