Oxford and London (July 2009)

The beautiful bloom house on Banbury Road.

So many of the houses in Oxford have these gorgeous, faceted windows, and their panes aren’t flush so they’re always gleaming and twinkling.

Along Banbury Road, walking from our place in Somerville to the city center.

Bridge of Sighs, Hertford College, Oxford University.

The Bodelian Library

Lots of spirey-sites in & around Oxford.
All Souls College.

University Church of St. Mary the Virgin

The Sheldonian.

Across from Blackwell’s.

Lovely spiral-staircase tucked back with some secret pub.

More colleges. There have to be like 69 in Oxford.


Little Gorey-guy statues.

Coworker lunch banquet!

Tea shop near Oxford University Press.

The mothership

Freud’s, a restaurant made from an old, converted church right across from OUP.

BBQ and magic show – Sam Strange!

TED had their annual conference while we were there! AW MANG! I took pictures of the crowd congregating outside but no one is recognizable.

Night walk on the way home from Bookbinder’s.

& to London:

Westminster Abbey: gorge!

Big Ben

The Eye had like a million hour wait for probably like 60 bones. No. Thank you.

Palace of Westminster bit near Big Ben.

Tower Bridge

Erin & Tower Bridge. Best travel companion!

Erin & some Buckingham Palace.

St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The golden gates of Hyde Park.

On a boat in Hyde Park…

I have tiny things to say to a handful of frenz.

1950s Kodak Safety Film.

Robert Frank, oh I love this man.

The flight was mostly painless, I read old articles about Suge Knight, all of the Rachel Papers, and it mostly went by very quickly. They played Hotel for Dogs and Ice Age TWO, so there wasn’t any reason to stay awake. My room in Oxford was set up so the bathroom is in direct line with the TV, so I watched some fools cross-country ski to the South Pole on BBC 2 while I took a long, hot bath and eased my jet lag. On the recovery Sunday, we had a fancy tea party at the Old Parsonage! Tea parties consist of several little pots of cream teas, tiny cakes, quarter sandwiches, and warm scones – such a treat. Afterward, Tricia took us on a tour of the downtown area to see the university area, the Bodleian Library, and some haunted corners of the city.

The rest of the week consisted of meeting international colleagues in person (finally! I love them!); meeting up with a friend from mountaineering in Ireland (who, strangely enough also works for OUP); Jaime Oliver’s restaurant; a (freezing) outdoor performance of Henry V at Trinity College; outlet shopping at Bicester Village; a BBQ and magic show; etc. It was incredibly fun for a work trip, I feel so lucky.

Erin & I went to London for a mini vacation together that weekend, covering miles upon miles on foot for about 8 hours. We did a big loop starting at Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Downing Street, and then had a picnic up on a statue in Nelson Square where there was a large soccer club singing Irish ballads and a ton of cute little old black ladies wearing white suits, gloves and doing some fundraiser with a Casio keyboard megamix playing. From there we walked along the Thames to Tower Bridge, did fake celebrity siting, and tried to get in the background of as many family portraits as possible. And St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park all the way back to Sussex Gardens.

I stayed in a horrible hostel near Sussex Gardens, but was as excited as I would’ve been as a child about sleeping on the top of 4 bunks. I had a rainy day spent mostly in the Tate but also coffee shops, wandering about Camden Place, and mezes on the Thames!


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