Summer Pt. 2

Our most beloved cat is coming out of post-surgical anesthesia and his temperature is dropping precipitously so I had to revisit summer & think happy thoughts until we know how he is in the morning. The weekend was so full, and now it’s looking like we’ll spend most of it coping on the couch with Bill Cosby and two very confused, mewing cats.

Enter into the Half An series – a slice of taut torso along the picture periphery.

One of the last beach trips this past summer. I was fifth-wheeling with 4 of my favorite people. And keeping a honey company thru the phone.

The best friends a girl could ever ask for.

& out of dreamscape, into reality. Still the best frenz of all.

Stacks on me, patron on ice, and we can pop bottles all night.

Nate honing his grilling technique.

I forget what the occasion was – OH YEAH, BALLIN’ OUT OF CONTROL AS NORM.


Wafting over a wave in that suite lounge.

Waiting for the tide to roll in.

Either some baptismal shit or just mermaids cresting. Probably mermaids.

tiny laughing Nee head!

Dead Sea reinforcements.

I love this & them. I was getting blown over by a wave (this was a waterproof camera btw)

Yeah summer ruled & I’m sick of winter already.


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