A flood of fragments: Summer Part Last


+ Lollapalooza 2009 (Chicago! Liz!)
+ Durham Bulls
+ Weekend-ly farmer’s market & cooking & normal Raleigh

There was an Indian Summer this year after all, it’s was just basking in the microclimate of my brain. This journal is a falling tree in the forest of no witnesses, and so in the interest of pointless personal momentum – here’s the final third of my summer! It was crammed, blooming with potentiality, and a nice harbinger for years to come.

A day in the life of our summer bounty.

Brandon & Laura: proud parents, in Apex.

Dylan as Curious George.

Repotting cute succulents from the farmer’s market.

Birthday hibachi dinner! After Elizabeth said “woop-woop!” once, that’s virtually all this chef said.

Durham Bulls – the game that went to 14 innings.

Tryna get a free T.

Arm diamonds

Frenz and cheap, steep lawn seats. And $9 PBR tall boys.

So, so, so, so pretty.

Did you know it’s far, far more likely for a boy born just after August to play professional baseball than one born in late July? The age cut-offs give an Advantage to kids born August & soon thereafter and that advantage is significant enough to predetermine their likelihood of playing professionally.

Ben & I’s first attempt at some sloppy sushi – nigiri torpedoes and messy makizushi.

Then I got great. Now I can roll ya inside-out roll. Ain’t no thang.

Peyton Mantis! Guarding our screen porch for the Indian Summer.

Mums and gourds.

The sweetest little birds nest. Blooming tree house turf roof.

Hanging succulent spheres! Be still my heart.


Aneuen, my partna dem

Succulent nursery!

Gourdy browns.

Grendel eggplant.

Limbs bowing with kudzu. My three-season bike ride.


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