Thanksgiving 2009 & New Years to end the Aughts.

Although I haven’t been great at capturing my life while it’s in motion or reflecting in any serious way, I keep incredibly detailed records of less important things. Stray notes of what I’ve done each day, with whom I attended an event or passed an evening, movies seen, books read, letters written, and meals prepared. I figure, eventually, there has to be some value in volume. Even when I can’t remember some of my minor epiphanies because they happened while I was wafting in the ocean or stewing before an argument was born out of frustration, there are at least traces to build from. Whenever I might be so inclined.

Let’s go back to Thanksgiving! St. Petersburg, Florida with the family:

Rodolfo & Melissa.

Doggie paddle. I wonder if Amaru is a water baby, too.

This is a truly amazing, disposable camera (this).

My tiny foot & chemical rainbows. You know, it’s kinda gross when you think about it: swimming pools are just big vats of chemical slurry.

Swimming with the Disney dolls

Long cruiser ride in De Soto Park – tiny hermit crabs peep in and out.


De Soto Pier

The Ringling Museum! This mansion’s theme was: “So much money, so little style,” except this ceiling was out of this world. Southeastern Seaboard Biltmore’s.

A farm of imported Banyan trees.

Where old circus costumes & props from the Greatest Show on Earth were – plus an old Pullman car and caliopes and wood carvings.

Oh I love a cal-i-o-pe.

The Ringling legacy of ‘stache. Movember, decades ago.

Howard Tibbals turned his obsession with the circus into this lifelong project creating a miniature version at 3/4 inch-to-foot scale of the 1,500 people who would be involved, all the big tents, 500 animals, even a mess hall!

Even a parking lot with old-timey cars! And food stands and railroad cars (with tiny people hanging hard inside, plus tiny wall calendars and beds with sheets tucked in – totally unnecessary details).

And little posters – here are the (real) circus freak wonders of the world. Mount Airy Siamese Tweens represent. Oh, and as if there needed to be more attention to detail, there was daylight & it faded into night.

Tiny animal cages & even tiny pools for the seals!

Tightrope walkers & acrobats & animal trainers &&&.

Even a treeswing for the locals!

From the second story – this was probably only 1/3 of the total miniature.

Cousins along St. Pete Beach – Gulf of Mexico inlet / Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay

Finishing the trip at this incredible raw food restaurant called Leafy Greens. Zucchini spaghetti with a gazpacho-like marinara; pizza with a seed crust & tapenade & toms/olives; most delicious sandwich with a caramelized onion wrap, salad, hummus, etc; then these chocolate macaroons & frozen banana soft serve: YUM. And this is in St. Petersburg?!

This is after the Dali museum, also phenomenal. In addition to huge, huge pieces & tons of surrealist pieces he had gem & metal work, holograms (Alice Cooper?!), watercolor illustrations for Alice in Wonderland and Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales, advertisements for Vogue, short films and photo-quality paintings of precision.

Mom ‘n Dad.


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