NYE 2009/Winter 2010

New Year’s Eve in the woods of Wake Forest!

My New Year’s Eve to wrap up the noughties was possibly the most memorable of all time. Starting with a spontaneous coffee catch-up with New York & the West Coast, then a homemade pizza party with wonderful new and long-lost people, and eventually a bonfire in the middle of the woods. A sylvan wonderland – a string of lights squaring off a dance area; a bonfire piled high with Christmas trees; gauzy half-open sitting areas; wild, wide fields and a waffle chef in the middle of it all. I’m still reeling from the whimsy and warmth of the night.

Like last year, I made a list of things resolved instead of creating a list of resolutions to remind myself of all the positive and real achievements I’ve turned out. My accomplishments – tangible or intrinsic, are real indication of what I’m capable of.

The theme was Burning Man (Burninator).

New Years Eve brunch with Best Friends St.

Baby bio of Andre 3000!

The annual Christmas Eve Eve party!

Three besties & a long look at the back of my eyelids.

Riding home with Gary Gotcha!

Bowling night #1 of many, many this winter! Every time it snowed we walked to the bowling alley.

We look great.

Prom 2010

Getting a waterfall firework on.

Friend ghosts



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