The sudden revelation of the whatness of a thing. (Spring 2010)

I made sushi for Brandon’s final goodbye dinner :'(

This makes me happy & already nostalgic. Nee makes beautiful cards for every occasion & here’s Brandon & Nee in a heart within a heart within North Carolina, which really is the biggest one of all.

Eternally just a lumberjack & babe.

New & abandoned birds nests. Anne has these in a beautiful bell jar.

Home is where the nut is.

I was burned out of this picture.

SF loverbirds.

Lewis aflame.

Double-exposed, favorite bike ride. My friend Sarah is sharing this on her new web-project, Consider It (which I’ll link to in the future when live).

My house & home. Early fall.

Bloom street.

Margaret’s goodbye, skating party

Soul train

Oh, oh, oh Utah from the sky. Why couldn’t I have gotten into some of those mountains!

And ridges!

I was in Salt Lake City for about a week in March and (long story short) didn’t get to ski or play in the mountains. I did do a few fun things, and got to see my very most favorite internal editor, which is always a treat. I was there for a Toxicology meeting, reading the Strain in irony (which was really, really good if you’re looking for a horror recommendation). As an aside, Toxicology & the technologies surrounding toxicological studies and preclinical work is tremendously fascinating. Even the simplest revelations, like learning the different calibrations in blood vials (different synthesizers that work with your blood in various ways depending on the blood test ordered by your doctor); nanotechnology and nanotechnology approaches in drug delivery; technologies like the SmartPill(which is this GI monitoring system shrunken down to a pill-shaped bit that localizes your digestive problems and can (somewhat) replace the need for radiology); etc all collectively blew my mind. I really love my job, especially the fact that I can feel like a Student of Everything when I’m sent to these weird meetings & enter into these wild subcultures.

Rachel & Anne after Luke’s show at Labourlove in Durham.

Arboretum afternoon.

Sarah’s birthday! Very laboriously made & delicious, 3-layer coconut cake. We had twin blisters to show for it (from the candy temperatures in the caramelizing sugar).

Carolina Railhawks vs. the Montreal Impact!

Kava’s many, many tricks.

OH, why have I never looked through a telescope before! The moons craters, Saturn’s rings and tiny specks of moons, tiny, tiny shadows cast by the rings, Orion’s Nebula: oh!

As usual, I’m feeling a little overtaken by my life & utterly, entirely unable to keep my chapters recorded faithfully. I have a ton coming up this spring and summer, so I’ll have to perform some challenging balancing acts with my time & energy & love. This weekend I’ll spend Easter on the beach, and then wedding & conference season kicks in so just to keep some kind of track:

• April 2 – 4: Wilmington
• April 10: Date weekend! Railhawks, makin’ and fixin’ shit!
• April 17: Michelle’s wedding in Chapel Hill!
• April 17 (afternoon) – 21st: DC for the American Association of Cancer Research (+
hopefully many friend visits! Get at me DCians.)
• April 21st: drive straight from the airport to my indoor game
• April 23rd – 26th: St. Petersburg, Florida for Erin Rabbitt’s wedding! On a boat!
• May 28 – 31st: Memphis, Tennessee for Christopher’s wedding! My first Indian
• June 4 – 8th (& definitely then some!): Chicago!!!!! For the American Society of
Clinical Oncology meeting.
• June 19th: Charlotte for my parents’ “120th Birthday Party” (since it’s halfway
between their birthdays & they’re both turning 60 this spring & summer.)
• July 17 – 21st: Philadelphia! For a Radiology meeting.
• July 24 – 31st: Oxford, UK! for our strategy meeting week.
• Early August: BOIS BLANC ISLAND!
• November 4 – 7th: Indianapolis for the American Musicological Society meeting.
• November 18th – 21st (& then some!): SAN FRANCISCO I HOPE for the African Studies
Association meeting.

Good lord.


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