Oxford visit (Summer 2010)

Normal, beautiful palace.

Having just seen 3 out of 6.5.

Breezy biker in the MAGIC town in MAGIC continent.

Punting! Cute.

Radcliff Camera

So much singing for such exhaustion. Let me also tell you I stayed awake for the Squeakquel.

The Sheldonian

Karina mysteriously wound up taking care of many of my possessions throughout the trip; here’s evidence. I don’t remember handing them to her / she doesn’t remember taking them. Weeeid.

Peer into the busy town from Carfax.

It’s me in your view.

Tea Party at the Old Parsonage

Michelle & her Pimms

Aww, Steve & Chloe.

Ciaran-Kierney & Chloe-Hennin

Outside Bookbinders

At the Bodelian Library

Oh, Sampson & Delilah, I remember that one (rollllls eyes).

Ones I work with.

Look up at your twelve-o-clock for a few fools.

Calypso BBQ &


At the Vic afterward.

On a walk after Tapas with Greg & Karina to Port’s Meadow

Sun set on Port’s Meadow

& the canal

Back at home:


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