Chapter two: Bridgette’s visit, new friends, Geneva


After I’d settled into Oxford for a few months, I had my first visitor: Bridgette! My cousin Bridgette was living in St. Petersburg studying Russian (as you do) and came over for a term break. Getting to me was a bit of an odyssey: first an 8 hour train to Moscow, flying to London, then a bus to Oxford. She arrived, we went for dinner and then immediately headed to Jericho for drinks and people-watching.


Breaking out the Diana the next day.




The first day of her visit, we had a big breakfast spread, then headed into town to go on one of those bus tours (which I hadn’t done yet, but wanted to give her a lay of the land). From the tour, we went to the Old Parsonage for cream tea, then Christ Church, the river to watch a rowing competition, shopping and then meeting up with Dylan’s friends Jane and Nick for the first time! It was pretty immediately obvious that these were my people.

Cream tea at the Old Parsonage

Christ Church pup

Her last day we had plans to have a quieter night in and cook at home, but first went into the city to climb St. Mary’s tower, visit some of the colleges, and go for a long walk in Port Meadow.

And visit the Mothership.

Jane and Nick came over for dinner, too – my first dinner party in the UK! Polenta lasagna, homemade bread, and a big salad.

New friends!

Another one of my people: Rachel! She’s given me the warmest welcome of anyone. On a long walk near hers in Chipping Norton.

A very quick trip to Geneva for a meeting – a little double-exposure for you. Geneva on Geneva.



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