Green Man 2011

Green Man was easily my favourite weekend in the UK since moving (so: in 9 months). It’s set in the relatively remote Brecon Beacons, so the setting was incredibly picturesque. We were really lucky it was hot and sunny, because you know it pours most of the year.

Highlights included James Vincent McMorrow, Explosions in the Sky, the Avett Brothers, Noah and the Whale, Fleet Foxes, Michael Kiwanuka, Laura Marling, the Low Anthem, Iron & Wine.

For our ‘mountain climb,’ we wandered off pretty ill-equipped, traipsing through fern, nettle and gorse and wearing wellingtons & dresses. At one point a sheep head popped above the fern, made some confused snorting noise and then shuddered all the way down the climb, shaking the fern around it.

James Vincent McMorrow

For Fleet Foxes, the laidback crowd dynamics changed (i.e. became PACKED) and we had a few groups push their way into a completely un-accommodating space, elbowing us out and packing us together. This was the point where I got really annoyed and took it out on the next group to do the same thing, which, consequently was the guitarist and his videographer from Dry the River. I turned around to say, “I just hope this isn’t your final destination, because you are standing in the middle of a group… (oh)”.

Fleet Foxes

Noah and the Whale

The festival covered 5 days and 4 nights and I couldn’t ask for more than a long weekend camping with great people, in lovely, summery weather. I went with 3 couples, but didn’t feel coupled out in the least. My friend Rachel and I went off on our own quite a bit to do things like climb mountains and see bands no one else wanted to see.

The Avett Brothers!

Michael Kiwanuka – so oh good. Let me introduce you, if you haven’t already had the pleasure.

Walk down to the river

Laura Marling

Iron and Wine …….. !


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