Germany to NC to Seattle and home.

Berlin was the first stop in a long winter pilgrimage that would take me from London to Berlin, Berlin to North Carolina, NC to Seattle and then back to London. Each stop was about 5 days-long.

This was my first Christmas since moving to the UK; Anne moved to Berlin in September, and as she wasn’t planning on going home for Christmas, I decided to spend Christmas with her and then stop for a belated Christmas with my family on the way to Seattle. (Anne is family, as far as we’re concerned.) We were out late most nights, keeping company with others far from home, going to karaoke bars and house parties ‘til early morning hours; stamping over the icy cold grounds of the Weihnachtsmarkt; and figuring out new traditions for this non-traditional Christmas.

We cooked most days (our own Christmas dinner: roast chicken, stuffing, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, sprouts with bacon, rolls, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cake), took long walks (around Treptow, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, the East Side Gallery, hours-long Third Reich walking tour), went to several potlucks with a people too far from home to return for Christmas or close enough to reappear (Brazilians – Laura, Leo, another Laura, Philippe, 2 Italians – Louise and another – 2 Taiwanese – Chien-wei and Coo-wei, 1 Sudanese – Ishmail, 2 Berliners, various others), Weinerei (a wine bar where you pay 2 euro for a cup, have endless wine until you’re heart’s content, then pay whatever you think is fair at the end), went to about 3 Christmas markets on Boxing Day, karaoke on Christmas night, cheesy time-warped burlesque, Skypes with home, and a whole lot of Felicity for a middle school throwback.

East Side Gallery – “The Kiss” immortalized between Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German President Erich Honnecker.

Treptower choo-choo train

One of a million Weihnachtsmarkt
Germknödel and glühwein.

Inside the Kunsthaus Tacheles (before it was demolished – on the Third Reich Walking Tour)

Saying bye to Anne and the bids for the airport… From Berlin, I went to see my parents in Ghost Town, North Carolina and had the most wholesome 5 days of health and a lion’s share of sleep.

Saw my babygirl

On NYE, dressing up as musicians. I had nothing. Edith Piaf? Sure.  Flying up the West Coast from Texas to Seattle…
The greatest show on Earth: Earth.
This looks like it’s received the CityFabric treatment. 
I went to Seattle to attend Modern Language Association, which is a conference I’ve always wanted to attend, so pretty incredible to be sent by work. I reconnected with a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in more than a decade over Belgian beers at the Stumbling Monk, and another night went for oysters and flights of beer at Pike Brewery with another old friend. I also ran into my friend Ruth early in the conference (from the Liverpool trip) half-way around the world. She was there from Edinburgh! Near Pike Market

And back to London, with its Parliamentary Lantern.


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