Since I’m technically university staff, it means I am still eligible to sign up for university clubs and societies, so I signed up with my housemate to return to North Wales for a weekend of wintry mountaineering in Snowdonia. In much fairer weather, I took a week-long trip to go mountaineering and climbing in North Wales (my only ‘free,’ or multi-pitch outdoor climbing experience still) with the UCCMC in 2007, and it’s kind of unbelievable that just half a decade later I’m in a similar position, travelling with a university club to the same tiny part of the world.

This was a shorter trip with two full days, a lot of driving, and dramatic conditions. This part of the world is absolutely stunning. I still haven’t made it to either the Lake District or the Highlands, but they’re also high on the list.

On day one, before ascending Snowdon

Tryfan, for the next day’s climb

Gaining a little elevation…

It always looks like you’re just about to hit the summit, and then another false summit like this pops up. Doesn’t even matter – it’s stunning.

At the top with this craggy little guy!

All the photos

What did I say about dramatic conditions! Clear one second, then you’re just climbing through clouds.

Jane and Steffan

She loves mountains the most.

Making stews and reading aloud back at the bunk house.

Start of day 2: the Glydrs and Tryfan.

Love a serrated tip top.


Jane and me at the top!

Across the sadle to Tryfan!

Should we / shouldn’t we. We should.

Stomach in somersaults.

Michael, Sebastian and Steffan


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