Green Man 2012

This was the second Green Man in a row. The first year we went to the festival, we were incredibly lucky to have warm, clear, sunny weather the whole weekend; this year, we weren’t as lucky with that, but still had a brilliant weekend.

This year’s highlights included King Charles, the Felice Brothers, Mogwai, Lucy Rose, the Staves, Bowerbirds, Michael Kiwanuka, Van Morrison, Tallest Man on Earth, Alt-J… and sadly, because of all the mud and horror stories swirling around (how long it might take to get out of the car park), we left before the last night to avoid a nightmare and so missed the Walkmen, Megafaun and Feist. Bummer.

Memories include:

  • The mud man who rolled around in the gloppy, heavy mud early on in the festival and staggered around the rest of the festival asking if anyone wanted to have their picture taken with him.
  • The dirty tenner and its circuitous, monkey’s paw route around the events of the weekend. Eventually it covered a nasty little dinner at Little Chef.
  • Flipping out when Missy Elliott came on during one of the club nights.
  • The man in front of us pulling trust fall-like drops in front of us during Lucy Rose
  • “Bronchitis! I don’t have time for that!”
  • Richard talking about how he hates a talker when he goes to get his hair cut. For some reason this killed us.
  • “Oh he is definitely Americano” (re: the very Swedish Tallest Man on Earth)
  • DJ Bobby Boom!
  • The Tallest Men on Earth standing in front of us during Tallest Man on Earth
  • “They’re playing… mmbop?!”

Picnic lunch stop on the drive to Wales…

King Charles!

Loving KC

Endless. Rain.

The Felice Brothers!

HELLO, that guy! Felice Brothers.

In the Rough Trade tent


Tallest Man on Earth

And us with the Tallest Men on Earth

The next morning we woke up to this mess:

The Staves!


The weather finally got nice when we decided to leave!

Michael Kiwanuka, on the main stage this year

Van Morrison what!

Nice, slow pub day back in Oxford


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