Anne’s humid heart art

I realized after last Christmas that I really can’t spend Christmas away from home, so made a Christmas visit to Anne in mid-December instead. I coordinated my travel with Laura and Mike, too, so we could have a little Berlin time together, too. (Easier said than done when you have two large groups to manoeuvre and no signal.) Anne has since moved to Neukölln from near Treptower.

Our first morning, doing a little grocery shopping at the Türkischer Markt

And from there, getting some stollenprobiertag! Free cake and then more cake. A flight of cake.

At Kutzelmann

Simple, lovely, and so Anne

First time soufflé-r here

Nameless Neukölln bar

Making our way to the Kuchen buffet

Near Sonntagstrasse

Ying Yang Twins

Little kinder with their old fashioned sleds in Victoria Park!

The top of Victoria Park

Crystal Castles

(We actually got into Berghain)!

Some ridiculous viking beer

Anne’s face here pretty much sums it up: all you can eat Kuchenbuffet? All of the kuchen?!

Either Weihnachtsmarkt Alt-Rixdorf or Rixdorfer Weihnachtsmarkt. Magic, either way.

At Do You Read Me with Laura

At the KW Institute for Contemporary Art

The last supper

Finally bringing all our people together in one place & shortly thereafter, time for home.


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