Langkawi and the end of Malaysia


Since my first two updates (Borneo) and (Penang) we’ve left mainland Malaysia to go to the island of Langkawi. From Georgetown, we caught a 3-hour ferry and made our way to Pantai Cenang. We didn’t book our accommodations until we arrived, and although Langkawi is a bit of a hippie paradise, accommodations were a little more expensive than earlier in the trip. We found a really great place by the beach (£25 for 4 nights. Seriously, SE Asia you guys).IMG_0784 IMG_0858The beaches here are gorgeous, but there are clearly many tourists visiting. It feels really safe and nice – somehow being surrounded by other vacationers makes me feel more like I’m on vacation than travelling.

It’s torturous for me because there are 1,000,001 kittens  everywhere but Rachel is a doctor and her watching our for my petting hands + Alex’s former experience getting scratched by a kitten in Thailand and needing 3 rabies shots means I can look but not touch. Saddest of sad times.

Our 4 days in Langkawi completely blurs together in one, endless dream of swimming, island hopping, rota chanai for breakfast, natural waterslides, beautiful scenery, more coconut cracking and sand digging, and of course the night markets. I will miss the night markets so much.


“I hope you happy everyday!”
IMG_0862 IMG_0847

Riding the cable car up to the top!

IMG_0856 IMG_1785

The top!

IMG_1769  IMG_1762 IMG_1754

Oh my lord in swimming heaven


We also spent every night of our trip – pretty much – in Babylon. Although I do like reggae music (old timey calypso), I wouldn’t normally go in for an endless summer of the reggae life, but Babylon was wonderful. The best milkshakes, rum and cokes, fried rice, the fresh grilled fish, beachside blankets to sit on and listen to live music: I die. Heaven on earth.

IMG_0755 IMG_0756 IMG_1689

Courtesy of Rachel:


Island hopping, courtesy of Rachel:




At the ‘Pregnant Lady Lake”IMG_1709

The ole story is that Pregnant Lady Lake makes you pregnant! Gross. I love my jaunty baby.


IMG_0791Babylon nights (courtesy of Rachel):

At the end of our 4 days, we headed back to Georgetown where everyone spent one more night and I spent one more day on my own before flying home. I never wanted to leave.
IMG_1807 IMG_1797 IMG_1806 IMG_0868 IMG_0866
Bye wonderful Penang!

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