Summery weekends 2013

IMG_2463We’ve had a really full late summer. Beer festivals, castle visits, music festivals, brewing (St. Peter’s Ruby Red), Bowie binging, and generally being outside.

First: Bowie. The Bowie Is exhibit started at the V&A and we went early to get tickets and wait in the courtyard for our entry time. The exhibit itself was absorbing; we must have been going through it for more than 3 hours. They give you a headset with recorded tracks and a sensor to figure out where you are in the exhibit and play songs or recordings when the signal picks up (like a radio station). The sensor doesn’t necessarily trigger the audio to start from the beginning of the loop, but picks up as you get closer to a video / display from wherever it is in its loop. The exhibit – as it’s at the V&A – mostly focuses on Bowie’s costumes throughout his career, but there’s a substantial biographical element, especially around the time of Ziggy Stardust. There’s also a huge concert room where either side of the room (about 3 stories high) is playing larger-than-life shows of his including the Glass Spider Tour and a memorial show from around September 11th.  Jack’s a really big Bowie fan and I’m a much bigger one after the exhibit and Bowie documentary-binge the next morning.

IMG_2610 From the V&A, we went to the Camden Town Brewery to meet Mike, Laura and a few of their friends. We were surrounded by rain outside but sat with a jerk chicken feast and all the pints. Didn’t get home until very late-o-clock.

At Camden Town Brewery

IMG_2622 IMG_2633Next weekend, Jack and I met at the train station after work on Friday to go to Reading’s Ale and Jazz Festival. It was a little too expensive (£16 for entry, not including a single drink!), but the weather was beautiful and it was a really nice night. Saturday morning, we walked along the river to the Perch for a folk festival (Irregular Folk) to see bands play all day in this big Bedouin tent. It was an all-day deal with lots of BBQ and a spacious lawn to sprawl out in. My highlight was Message to Bears. Sunday morning, I finally tried this recipe for lemon poppyseed pancakes which were out of this world. Fresh blueberries and strawberries to serve.

IMG_2538Message to Bears’ first show in more than a year. In a big ole Bedouin tent. IMG_2659The Perch and its life-size cocktail umbrellas (so, ‘umbrellas’)

IMG_2651In Port Meadow


IMG_2676 IMG_2665The walk home

IMG_2675The next weekend, we took a day trip to Windsor to walk the miles-long walk between the castle and the hill. Then took a much, much longer walk all the way up to Royal Holloway, where Jack finished his Masters a few years ago.

IMG_2588What’s a couple more miles… arriving at Royal Holloway
IMG_2591 IMG_2598 Getting wild flowers for the birthday girl!

IMG_2459Summertime birthday cookoutIMG_2487 IMG_2493 IMG_2503Summer nightsIMG_2504


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