Writing again

After more than four years, I’ve realized I really miss blogging. Turns out it’s really easy to migrate pre-existing blogs to Word Press, which is all I needed to hear. I had to address the huge discontinuity between when I stopped and now (2010 – 2014) so I set aside time to put together lost entries from across those years. I searched through old emails to friends and family, pored through paper journals, and eventually pulled a semblance of the pieces together. I’ve now added more than 30 entries to cover those missing years. My wishlist was much longer, but I have to stop at some point.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 19.59.25

I covered moving to the UK; my trip to Africa (in 6 parts, to cover Ethiopia pt 1; Ethiopia pt 2; Nairobi, Kenya; Lake Victoria, KenyaSerengeti National Park, Tanzania; and Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania); Green Man from 2011 and 2012; my first foray into homebrewing; Southeast Asia (in three parts: Singapore & Borneo, Malaysia and Langkawi); a tour of the North (Newcastle and Edinburgh); a family trip to Spain; three different trips to Berlin (Christmas 2011, winter 2012, and summer 2013); a short visit to Bulgaria; Jack and my birthday trip to Greece (in three parts: Crete, Santorini and Naxos); my first Thanksgiving in the UK; a hot air balloon camping festival; a few Future Cinema events (Grease and Shawshank Redemption); and more.

I also wanted to create a better repository for my book reviews, because when I write them in Goodreads, I feel like I lose them to a vaccum. They’re nearly impossible to find, and actually impossible if you don’t already have a Goodreads account. I moved nearly 90 book reviews to a second blog, which will also allow for embedded videos and other multimedia. So much better.

Since my trip home for Christmas and NYE, reviving my blog has been on the top of my wishlist. Otherwise, I have a few other goals on my list for the year so far including:

Run a Half Marathon
I’ve recently started training using Hal Higdon’s training program, and registered for the Edinburgh Half Marathon at the end of May. I’m raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support in the name of my aunt Ann, who I miss dearly. More on that soon.

Create a workspace at home
We had a great desk, but it was functioning as a TV stand and sitting in an area of the house where it was completely unusable. Within a week, we sold the disused TV and moved the desk upstairs to create a new workspace for writing, sewing, etc.

Read at least 30 books
Since I’ve been focused on piecing this blog together, I’ve only read a few in the first few months of the year. I’ve reviewed those here. (I mostly use my Kindle and the library now, but previously I’d stack up my reading at the end of the year – here’s 2007, 2008 and 2009).

From 2009


Brew beer again
I’d love to eventually have the equipment, space and experience to do more complicated mashes and brews, but for now I need to keep building experience. We might give a St. Peter’s kit another chance. The first kit was a Tom Caxton Best Bitter (overview here).

Go to more gigs!
We have tickets for Bonobo next week and Tame Impala in mid-May. Daydreaming about festivals, too… we may possibly go to Latitude.

Finishing my quilt & start sewing again
I started the project when Anne and I lived on Stanhope and was close to quilting, then had two manic months of getting ready to move to the UK and in the process, the quilt was tucked away. At the end of my Christmas break this year, my flight was cancelled, so with the extra 48 hours I made good on an old promise to myself and rolled the project back out. It’s 169 squares – a pattern I drew years ago based on a combination of patterns in quilting books. Finished! (This picture is pre-quilting.)


Otherwise, I’ve signed up for a dressmaking course to start at the end of April. 10 weeks in Cheney, which means industrial sewing machines are provided and I can delay getting a new machine for awhile longer.

2014 Calendar
At the start of every new year, I go through pictures from the last year or so and create new designs for my desk. This year I realized you can also add pictures to dates, so looked up my friends’ birthdays for the coming year to make sure I won’t miss any. I do these (very tediously) on Snapfish. Always look for a sale code.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 09.36.18

Plan trips…
There are definitely a few in the calendar. York, DC, Savannah, Edinburgh, Italy all coming up soon…

Start scrapbooking and collaging again
I’ve seen some really beautiful scrapbooks online recently, so want to start experimenting with memory and representation for future posts. Jonathan Harris is great inspiration.


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