Italian Wedding in Trieste

Immediately after Edinburgh, we were off to Trieste for Jess and Phil’s wedding!
Trieste is one Italian city I really never thought I’d make it to, but highly underrated. It’s not really contained within the ‘boot’ of Italy, but is above the Adriatic Sea across the Gulf of Trieste. It’s very close to the Slovenia border and, without clear borders drawn, you might think it’s part of Croatia’s costline. Previously part of the Habsburg Empire, Trieste was part of Austria-Hungary prior to WWI and there remains an interesting confluence of cultural influences: Italian, Mediterranean, Germanic (Austro-Hungarian), and Slavic. My only acquaintence before was probably Joyce, who lived in Trieste for more than a decade.
We shared an apartment with four of our friends in Trieste, though the wedding was closer to the airport in Monfalcone. The first night was also Phil’s birthday, so we made our way to Trieste to check in and turned right around to head back towards the airport for a birthday meal.
Jack on the streets of Trieste
We made it to Phil’s for just a few courses of dinner: antipasti, buckets of wine and the 3 ‘pastas’ which were actually gnocchi (potato) with a meat sauce, an asparagus pancake (egg), and then this lasagna ham thing (pasta). They serve it all on one plate, just reasonable amounts.
Our first day in Trieste was a free day, so Jack and I finally had a day to sleep in a little, throw back a few cappuchinos and start exploring the city. I had my heart set on a walk out to Castle Miramare which was much further than it seemed (and not the nicest walk: mostly along a motorway, then finally along the shore).

The castle


The remains of a Roman ampitheatre
View over the city from Parco della Rimembranza
The municipal building in Trieste’s main city square is the largest sea-facing city square in Europe: Piazza Unità d’Italia IMG_2758  IMG_2764
And then it was wedding day! Pre-Italian wedding ready.

I matched the drapes in our apartment.IMG_5067

Hi Mike! Hi Mike!

The beautiful couple – heart in my throat!IMG_2715IMG_2717Parmesean pops! Such a good idea.IMG_2723 IMG_2726

 Making our way through the vineyard to dinner!
IMG_2727 IMG_2728
 From the wedding photographer! I love this one.
The groom’s speech
IMG_2731_2 IMG_2734_2
My favorite
IMG_2738_2 IMG_2741
The next day was the last day of Gira d’Italia, which translates to Tour of Italy. It was the 23rd day with the finish line in Trieste, so we were there for all the celebration! We didn’t bother waiting all day at the fences in the hot sun to see the cyclists race by for two seconds, but we did enjoy the atmosphere. We found a good canal-facing bar and parked there.

IMG_5073 When the cyclists crossed the finish line, the Italian air force appeared in the sky for an incredible show and some very elaborate colored smoke.IMG_5079
After Trieste, Slovenia!

We added a few extra days to our trip to return to Slovenia, which Jess had taken me to before to visit this incredible cave: Postojnska Jama. This time around, we took a bus from Trieste to Ljubljana (just over an hour) which was fairly inexpensive (about 10 euro each way). It can be really confusing reading the bus schedules, but best to just go to the station if you go that route. Totally up to preference, but you can either rent a car (everything is very close together and some cities aren’t as well connected) or take the buses (which are fast, inexpensive and easy to figure out once you’ve gone on one journey). Our Slovenian side trip is here.


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