Quick weekend in Ancona

In the midst of a demanding month at work, I took a short weekend break to fly down to Ancona and visit Jess and Phil for a few days. It was paradise. The above is from an uncrowded stretch of beach south of Ancona shortly after eating a gorgeous pile of calamari. I’ll leave you with a little vicarious visit to a very beautiful part of the world: Nearby overlook, a 10 minute walk from home. Oh to have a backyard view like this! The very charming Darwin Overlooking the beautiful Sirolo My heart’s set on learning how to windsail now View of Sirolo These two lovelies Looking Southwards over the sunbleached Adriatic coastline I visited just to see my friends, little did I know how paradisical their new home is! Creeping on the snorklers Love the colors everywhere. In Sirolo. Popping the delicious stuffed Olives Ascolana (sausage-stuffed green olives deep fried and served in a paper cone) Exploring the pretty, hilltop town of Osimo More swoony signage The hanging head detail Overlooking Osimo Two sweeties Golden hour walk Milkwort watching the sunset

My caught unawares awkward face.

Lurking through the traffic mirror Massive sushi feast in the making! Lord in heaven, that’s a lot of sushi. ’til next time! I finished my 10-week photography course, so I can finally capture pictures I previously never know how to take! More on this soon…


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